Bruce Salem Apr-16-93 08:31PM More on Bergeson I want to parapharse from an article that a

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Bruce Salem Apr-16-93 08:31PM More on Bergeson I want to parapharse from an article that appeared in today's San Jose Mercury by Mitchel Benson, of that paper's Sacromento beruau entitled "Union opposes nominee for schools chief". The main trust is that the California Teachers Association, the union for the state's teachers has come out against Sen. Marian Bergeson (R Newport Beach) on a third ballot. The CTA has endorsed Bergeson 7 times over her career. The vote is seen as a sign that Democrats will oppose Bergeson in the April 22 vote in the state Senate. She must be confirmed in both legislative houses. D. A. Webber of the CTA says that Bergeson's nomination is opposed because she supported Wilson's move last year to cut funding to public schools by $1 billion, she supports Channel One, which gives comercials in its educational broadcasting for the classroom, she opposes giving teachers a legal right to work with school officials on matters such as curriculum and student discipline, she has supported local governments having the power to enact special taxes by simple majority rather than two-thirds vote, but does not support the same for school districts. There has been an intensive six-week examination of Bergeson's record including a two hour questioning by CTA officials which many legislators have seen prior to voting. [end] There is no mention in the article of Bergeson's religion or views on evolution/creationism. It appears that the vote is going to hinge on broader issues, fiscal and budget issues mostly, and on the pitched battle between the legislature and Gvernor Wilson. If anyone has seen an article on what the CTA people asked Bergeson, this wasn't the recent L. A. Tines article, was it?, please post. Bruce Salem


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