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Msg # 384 Date: 07 Dec 92 08:29:56 From: Tyler Wunder To: Scott Brown Subj: AIDS ____________________________________________________________________________ G'day Scott: In a msg of , Scott Brown writes to Randy Edwards: SB> true: sodomy is a crime against nature, repent and seek the Lord or SB> receive in your own body the just payment for your filth. Even in the face SB> of a deadly AIDS epidemic among those who persist in practicing sodomy, the SB> sodomites are unrepentant and even militant in their abomination. SB> Measure 9. But I can just see the effeminate sodomites twitching and SB> squealing as they pitch their tantrums to get their way. SB> alcohol, money,and sodomy, for example. It's not too late. Consider SB> repentance as you lay on your deathbed, shrunken by the horrible specter of SB> AIDS. But why wait till then, seek the Lord now. Miracles DO happen. Scott, I thought you might like to read something along similar lines to what you've written above. A DIGRESSION ON THE NATURE OF A.I.D.S. authored by J. Ass, Ph.d. in Absurdity and Folly, M.A. in Blather and Gibberish (presently working on a degree in Bunk, accompanied by a minor in Nonsense, with an option to buy) For some time now, our world has been stricken with the phenomenon of A.I.D.S., or the acquired immune deficiency syndrome -- a product of the H.I.V. virus. A disease which does not actually kill, but instead prevents the body from defending itself properly from other ailments, this virus has been the source of much attention from the medical community, as well as the population at large. If you have yet to learn of this dreaded disease, it could safely be surmised that either you have been living under a very large rock for the past ten years, or that you have passed beyond the years of sexual promiscuity, and as such need not worry about sexual diseases and the like. Which leads to the first point of this digression: A.I.D.S. is a sexual disease pure and simple. It has been sent by our Lord God to teach the faggots and licentious heterosexual people a lesson, in the way that God teaches people their lessons best: by killing them. No pussy- footing around for an ever-loving (yet ever-wrathful), infinitely compassionate (yet jealous above all other traits), all-forgiving (yet supremely vindictive) deity. God reserves his mercy for people who copulate in the manner in which he approves, and woe unto those who practice any other form of fornication, for as everyone knows, the performance of a basic biological function is of the utmost interest and importance to the creator of the universe. He made our genitalia, so He has every right to know what we're doing with them. (footnote 1: In addition, our Lord God is taking a renewed interest in how his subjects conduct their respiration, digestion and expel their waste materials. I will release all information in regard to this matter as soon as it is made known unto myself) Specifically, the performance of unsavoury sexual practices is currently being punished by God in the form of the A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. virus'. This fact can be seen clearly, as it is the homosexual that is outright condemned in the holy scriptures, and the homosexual community that is the prime candidate for this affliction. Second to the homosexual community are, of course, promiscuous heterosexual individuals, who commit sexual acts outside of the bonds of monogamous matrimony (however, as they are at least performing their lewdness with members of the opposite sex, their sin is not as immediate a concern as that of the homosexual). Up until recently, both homosexuality and promiscuity were relatively unheard of, and were kept in check by relatively minor, yet still effective maladies such as syphilis and genital crabs. But due to the recent flaring up of these sinful activities, God has obviously felt that something stronger, and much more effective was called for. (footnote 2: It is the singular opinion of this author, that the next great sexual scourge will be against masturbators, who spill their seed in places other than the sexual organs of their marriage partners. However, as masturbators are very hard to locate, God seems to be having difficulty in setting an appropriate ailment into motion) Hence, it is quite clear that A.I.D.S. is a disease of God's wrath, aimed solely at sexual deviates; the way to avoid this condition is obviously to cease any and all perverse sexual activity, and to engage in coitus only with a God-approved marriage partner. Furthermore, it must be kept in mind that a monogamous relationship cannot exist outside of marriage, for one can never trust their partner to be faithful, without the appropriate sacred Christian vows having been made. Once those vows have been made, however, husband and wife can easily be assured that their desires will never stray from their marriage partner's genital area. However, rumours have been spread by homosexuals and homosexual sympathizers that the H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. are not limited or specific to homosexuals and other sexually loose people. These degenerates point to the percentage of the population that has contracted A.I.D.S. through blood transfusions, or other illnesses, such as haemophilia; it is quite possible that these "innocent victims" were neither homosexual or "loose", and because of this, their deaths are claimed to be undeserved. It is further asserted that if God's wrath is intended for sexual deviates, that his aim is quite bad, and it has been said that instead of operating with a surgeon's scalpel, he has been working with a large portion of plastic explosive, killing his intended targets along-side innocent victims. It must be observed, though, that these assailants of the "divine wrath" theory of the concerned virus' are forgetting the omniscience and omnipotence of God. Rest assured, God is not catching innocent victims in his attacks on the sexually reprehensible, but is rather causing the disease to be even more effective by spreading it to persons who may have evaded the original causes of infection, but deserved an ignoble death for some other very good reason. Had a single one of these blood transfusion A.I.D.S. patients or A.I.D.S. suffering haemophiliacs deserved more than death, God would merely have deactivated the virus in the blood to be used in the operation, or switched bottles when the orderly or nurse's back was turned. In any event, if God has seen to it that a person was born with haemophilia, He was obviously planning to cut their life short anyway, and the disease simply provided a merciful and convenient way in which He could do this. It is useless concern to worry that an innocent person has never died of A.I.D.S. Finally, these defenders of the immoral, debauchery and lewd activities of the primary targets of God's wrath, claim that small portions of one or two small third world countries are being killed off by the virus in large numbers (passed to them through insect bites, no less). This is patently absurd: according to God's plan, the populations in these countries are constantly on the rise; how could significant numbers of people be dying of A.I.D.S. in a country where the population is increasing? Clearly, this is a fabrication and exaggeration of those who wish to take the attention away from their own licentiousness, and an attempt to claim that God is not responsible for this disease, or that if He is, that He's doing a poor job of handling things. An accusation of this nature is quite simply ridiculous; even if it were somehow true, it clearly could not be so, and so I feel that this is as detailed a defense that is required of this ludicrous charge. Undoubtedly, acquired immune deficiency syndrome is directed solely at sexual activity forbidden by the Almighty; fortuitously, it kills off other sinners as well. The charges that A.I.D.S. is ineffective because of its "over-achieving" nature of affecting heterosexual non- perverts is obviously wrong: the condition is most effective, as evidenced by the steadily dwindling population of homosexuals and perverts. If anything, the disease is comparable to a toaster that also cleans the stove -- obviously, a beneficial thing to be owned, and such is the beneficial nature of the A.I.D.S. virus. Accordingly, it is with eager anticipation that I await the next great plague that God will send in order to destroy the wicked, in His great plan to make the world once more fit for only His chosen flock. The choice is obvious: join Him or die. In His Service, Doctor J. Ass Tyler Wunder --- * Origin: My Crummy Ps2 (FidoNet 1:221/279.4) SEEN-BY: 13/13 133/2 135/41 151/100 606 1000 1003 152/20 241/6001 SEEN-BY: 363/320 374/1 12 14 98 302 800/857 3641/1 PATH: 221/279 204 177 12/12 13/13 151/1003 374/1 98 14


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