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--- Following message extracted from AAOS @ 1:374/14 --- By Christopher Baker on Mon Jun 03 02:16:57 1996 From: Robin Murray-o'hair To: All Date: 01 Jun 96 01:18:27 Subj: AAOS Echo Rules This Echo originates from the headquarters of American Atheists, Inc. in Austin, Texas, as a service to members and potential members of that organization. The opinions expressed in this Echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this Echo. This Echo is Hosted and Moderated by Robin Murray-O'Hair from American Atheist Online Services, FidoNet Node 1:382/1006, in Austin_TX_USA. Anyone desiring a link to this Echo should contact their local Backbone source. AAOS is available on the Fidonet Backbone as of July 1995. This Echo is not to be Gated into any other network without expressed permission from the Host. This Echo provides an area for acquainting members and prospective members with the activities of American Atheists. Membership information will also be posted here for those who wish to join American Atheists, Inc. It is not a religious debate Echo (there's always HOLYSMOKE for that.) It is for specifically for Atheists. Religious folks who wander into this Echo by mistake will be shown the door if they've come to preach instead of to observe. This Echo is to be made READ-ONLY on non-Atheist BBSes to prevent cluttering up the Echo with off-topic notices and religious banter. Personal attacks will not be permitted. Participants will confine themselves to ideas and facts and avoid personality clashes or ego wars. Private messages are not permitted. Sysops are expected to restrict this Echo to public messages from Atheists or prospective members and members American Atheists, Inc., only. Real names are required. Atheists are not in the closet here. Anyone desiring membership or more information about the organization may write to American Atheists, Inc., P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX, 78714-0195. Our telephone is: (512) 458-1244, 0900-1700 CT; FAX (512) 467-9525. American Atheists also operates American Atheist Online Services (an electronic bulletin board at: (512) 302-0223 [300-14400 bps]; (512) 302-0246 [300-14400 bps]; (512) 302-0247 [300-28800 bps]. AAOS has complete message and file system with many sources of information and exchange. The Sysop of AAOS is Robin Murray-O'Hair. Echo Purpose: 1. Stimulate freedom of thought and inquiry concerning religious dogma and practices; 2. Collect and disseminate information on all religions and their histories; 3. Advocate and labor for the complete and absolute separation of church and State; 4. Advocate and labor for a thoroughly secular system of education available to all; 5. Encourage development and acceptance of a human ethical system stressing the responsibility of individuals to society; 6. Develop and propagate a social philosophy in which man/woman is the central figure who alone must be the strength of humanity; 7. Promote the study of arts and sciences for the enrichment of human life. 8. Inform and solicit new members into the organization. "Atheism may be defined as the mental attitude which unreservedly accepts the supremacy of reason and aims at establishing a life-style an ethical outlook verifiable by experience and the scientific method, independent of all arbitrary assumptions and creeds." American Atheists, Inc. The file list of AAOS is available for file-request as FILES anytime except Zone 1 ZMH. American Atheists Online Services welcomes you. Robin Murray-O'Hair Host and Moderator * WCE 2.1G1/2394 * Religion is Myth-Information


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