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wcPRO files listing. Date: 12/11/94 16:15 **** American Atheists AAHIST.ZIP 12K American Atheists: A History AAINTRO.ZIP 8K American Atheists: An Introduction -- ZIPPED file AANEWS.TXT 3K American Atheist Newsletter Subscription Information AAOSFILE.ZIP 16K Lists of all files on AAOS AATVF 10K American Atheist TV Forum Schedule -- December 1994 version AWORD.ZIP 2K Why we use the word Atheism? BOLD.ZIP 3K Aggressive Atheism by Charles Bradlaugh COINS.ZIP 14K J. G. Murray's statement to Congress on Coin Mottoes CONRAD.ZIP 7K Heads I Win, Tails You Lose by C. Goeringer (ZIPPED) FCC.TXT 9K Madalyn O'Hair's alleged petition before the FCC (TEXT) JGM.TXT 5K Jon G. Murray, Pres. of American Atheists, biography (TEXT) MEMBERSHIP 4K American Atheists Membership Application (TEXT file) MEMOHBIO.TXT 4K Madalyn O'Hair -- a biographical note PETITION.ZIP 22K The Phantom Phenomenon (O'Hair's FCC Petition) --ZIPPED file POPEPICK.93 3K Pope Picket 1993 Flyer, explaining why AA picketed the Pope POPEPICK.94 10K Pope Picket 1994 brochure and registration form POPEREG.94 4K American Atheist Pope Picket 1994 Registration Form RETSOF08.ZIP 78K Austin, TX BBS list for August 1994 SYMBOL 2K The meaning of the American Atheist symbol TELEVISI.TXT 10K American Atheist Television Forum schedule/listing WHYNEED.ZIP 10K Why An Atheist Organization is Need by Jon G. Murray **** Amer. Atheist Press Catalog ALLAGES.ZIP 3K Short Electronic Catalog from American Atheist Press BUMPER.ZIP 4K Bumper Stickers available from American Atheist Press CATHCAT.ZIP 4K Books on the Roman Catholic church from American Atheist Press HALDEMAN-JUL 8K Haldeman-Julius Publications for Sale! INGERSOL.ZIP 4K Selected Ingersoll works available from American Atheist Press INTROLIS.TXT 5K Suggested introductory reading list of AAP books JACKSON.CAT 5K Catalog of works by John G. Jackson for sale from AAP MIXED.ZIP 4K Short, short list of books, bumper stickers, and jewelry from AAP PAMPHLET.ZIP 7K Pamphlet and Flyer Catalog from American Atheist Press SKEPTICSHELF 9K American Atheist Press "Skeptic's Bookshelf" SOLSTICE.ZIP 3K Winter Solstice Books from American Atheist Press WINCAT.ZIP 11K American Atheist Press Winter 1993 Catalog **** Press Releases 90SOLSTI.PR 3K Winter Solstice 1990/Press Release AATVF.PR 3K American Atheist Television Forum Reachs 9 Million Homes ANNIVERS.PR 9K American Atheists 30th Anniversary/Press Release BROWN.LET 3K Letter to Senator Hank Brown regarding EEOC Guidelines BUSHLET.TXT 3K Open Letter to George Bush Concerning Bias against Atheists CLINTON.PR 3K Clinton and Freedom of Religion/Press Release EEOC.TXT 4K EEOC Religious Harassment Guidelines Press Release EEOCPOSI.ZIP 4K EEOC Senate Hearing & Amer. Atheist Position on EEOC Guides ELDERS.ZIP 5K Press release on religious exemptions for child abuse GOP.PR 3K Republican Convention 1992/Press Release INAUGURA.PR 3K Clinton's inauguration/Press Release NATPRAY.PR 3K National Day of Prayer 1994 Press Release (TEXT file) OATH.PR 3K Mistrial Called Because of Atheist Juror/Press Release PRAY.PR 3K National Day of Prayer 1993 (TEXT file) PRAYER.PR 3K Press Release on Prayer Amendment, 11/16/94 PROP3.PR 3K Utah Proposition 3 Rejected/Press Release from Utah office of AA SOL94.PR 3K Winter Solstice 1994 Press Release from American Atheists TAXES.PR 3K Church Tax Exemptions and Clinton/Press Release TAXROLL.PR 3K Press release on church holdings not on tax rolls THOMAS.PR 4K Clarence Thomas Nomination/Press Release TXOATH.PR 4K Texas Jury Oaths/Press Release TXSEAL.PR 3K Austin, Texas, City Seal Decision/29 June 1992 Press Release VOTING.PR 2K Voting in Churches/Press Release WEISMAN.PR 4K Graduation Prayer Decision/Press Release ZIONSEAL.PR 3K Zion City Seal Law Suit Win/June 29, 1992, Press Release **** American Gay/Lesbian Atheists 02JAN94.DGA 6K Dial-A-Gay-Atheist, 1/2/94, on Belief in Angels 03AUG94.DGA 9K Killers for Jesus/Dial-A-Gay-Atheist for August 3, 1994 05JUN94.DGA 10K A Run-Down of the News/Dial-A-Gay-Atheist for June 5 1994 05JUN94.ZIP 6K Rundown of State/church Issues of the Week 06FEB94.DGA 8K Dial-A-Gay Atheist, 2/6/94, on the Senate Vote for Prayer 06MAR94.DGA 8K Dial-A-Gay-Atheist, 3/6/94, on Churches and politics 08AUG94.DGA 10K Front-Page Religion/Dial-A-Gay-Atheist for August 8, 1994 13FEB94.DGA 9K Dial-A-Gay Atheist/13 Feb 1994/Farrakan's Fools & Islam 16MAY94.ZIP 4K Austin's Proposition 22, Part 2 --Dial-A-Gay Atheist 5/16/94 17APR94.ZIP 5K A Look Behind the Scenes at Unbridled Breeding 22JAN94.DGA 7K Dial-A-Gay-Atheist/22 Jan. 1994/Hitler's Words Across Amer. 24APR94.ZIP 5K Religious Harassment & National Day of Prayer 24MAY94.DGA 7K No Criticism of Religion Amendment/Dial-A-Gay-Atheist May 24, 1994 24MAY94.ZIP 4K "No Criticism of Religion Will Be Allowed!" 28FEB94.DGA 9K Dial-A-Gay-Atheist/February 28, 1994/Banner Week for Religion 30MAY94.ZIP 6K "In Defense of Atheism" -- May 30, 1994 Dial-A-Gay-Atheist 31JAN94.DGA 5K Dial-A-Gay-Atheist/Jan. 31, 1994/Banner Week for Religion BAPTIST.AGA 4K Gay Atheists Denounce City's Funding of Baptist AIDS House BURZINSK.AGA 4K AGA Press Release on a religious-motivated killing of a Gay GAYSPIR.ZIP 7K Is Gay Spirituality Really Masochism by Don Sanders (ZIPPED) IRS.AGA 5K Press Release: AGLA CALLS ON IRS TO MONITOR CHURCHES FOR POLITICAL INV **** Atheism & Atheists - I AGNOSTIC.ZIP 3K Agnosticism -- the origin and meaning of the term ATEST.ZIP 3K A Test for Atheism ATHEIST.TXT 14K Something I got from the internet via AOL ATHEISTS.ZIP 3K We are Atheists because . . . CHARITY.ZIP 6K What Infidels Have Done by Robert G. Ingersoll SCOTT.ZIP 11K First Atheist radio broadcast by R. Scott (ZIPPED) **** Atheist History AFWATD.TXT 21K A Few Words About the Devil, by Charles Bradlaugh APFA-TXT 51K "A Plea For Atheism" by Charles Bradlaugh HGFU 31K Charles Bradlaugh's "Humanity's Gain from Unbelief" MCCABE 2K Short biographical sketch of Atheist Joseph McCabe (TEXT) **** State/church Separation COINHIST.ZIP 15K Brief History of Religious Mottoes on U.S. Coins by M O'Hair COINORAL.TXT 6K Religious Mottoes on Coins/House Subcommittee Testimony DESK0889.TXT 7K Little Orphan Theism by Robin Murray-O'Hair INGODWE.TXT 2K Where In God We Trust Came From -- TEXT file RGICONST.ZIP 12K God in the Constitution by Robert G. Ingersoll VOUCHE 3K National Center for Innovation statement on voucher adoption **** Legal Library - I 910155.ZIP 28K Society for Krishna Conciousness v. Lee 930517.ZIP 174K Board of Ed. of Kiryas Joel v. Grumet 936577.ZIP 15K Davis v. Minnesota Supreme Court denial of certiorari AMENDMEN.ZIP 6K Amendments to the Constitution of the United States - ZIPPED AMENDMNT.ZIP 9K PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO UTAH CONSTITUTION ON NOVEMBER BALLOT ANNAPOLI.ZIP 4K Annapolis Convention of Sept. 14, 1786 -- ZIPPED version ARMS.ZIP 9K Declaration of the Necessity of Taking Up Arms -- ZIPPED ARTICLES.ZIP 8K Articles of Confederation -- ZIPPED file CHARLOTT.ZIP 4K Charlotte Town Resolves -- ZIPPED file CONN.ZIP 5K The Fundamental Orders of 1639 -- ZIPPED file CONTINEN.ZIP 5K Declaration & Resolves of the 1st Continental Cong -- ZIPPED DECLARAT.ZIP 5K Declaration of Independence -- ZIPPED file EMANCIPA.ZIP 3K The Emancipation Proclamation -- ZIPPED file FEDERALI.ZIP 109K The Federalist Papers #1-25 -- ZIPPED file GETTYSBU.ZIP 2K Gettysburg Address -- ZIPPED file HIALEAH.ZIP 143K Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. Hialeah (Supreme Court) KIRYAS.TXT 7K Kiryas Joel Village v. Grumet Supreme Court Syllabus LINCOLN.ZIP 3K Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address -- ZIPPED file MAYFLOWE.ZIP 2K The Mayflower Compact -- ZIPPED file TJADDRES.ZIP 5K Thomas Jefferson's 1st Inaugural Address -- ZIPPED file WASHINGT.ZIP 11K George Washington's Farewell Address -- ZIPPED file WEISMAN.ZIP 46K Lee v. Weisman (Supreme Court Decision) ZOBREST.ZIP 77K Zobrest v. Catalina Foothills School District **** Federal Government ACTION.ZIP 5K Action Alert on Congressional Hearings on EEOC Guidelines BROWN.ZIP 4K Senator Brown's Press Release & Resolution on EEOC Guides EEOCFACT.ZIP 4K Fact Sheet on Proposed Religious Harassment Guidelines **** Christianity 15%SOLUT.ION 7K The Christian Right's "15 Percent Solution" 1STCAUSE.ZIP 3K First Cause Is Existence, Not God by Nathaniel Branden BEER 1K Top Ten Reasons Why Beer Is Better than Jesus BIBLE.ZIP 5K The Bible and the Jesus Myth -- ZIPPED file BQUIZ-DR.ARJ 109K "Bible Quiz" -- A Must for Atheists. Very entertaining COLMBS.TXT 44K Columbus, the Church, and their effect on Indians DISEASE.TXT 8K Is there a relationship between disease and dogma? DRKBIBLE.TXT 121K Bible criticism file FEWBIBLE.ZIP 5K A Few Biblical Contradictions -- ZIPPED file FUNDIE.ZIP 10K Fundamentalists by Madalyn O'Hair -- ZIPPED file GODTHEOR.ZIP 7K God Theories Mislead People by Christopher Drew HYPATIA.ZIP 16K The Martyrdom of Hypatia by M. M. Mangarsarian NCCB.ZIP 14K The Revolting Bishops: Dissent in the RCC NOGOD.TXT 5K How Do You Know There Is No God? by Frank R. Zindler (TEXT) PRISON.DOC 4K Info on prisoner religions SMOKER.TXT 6K So You Believe in God! by Barbara Smoker SPGUIDE.ZIP 5K Spiritual Guide to Gracious Living SYMES.ZIP 9K Religion vs. Liberty by Joseph Symes XTIANPRI.ZIP 11K Christian Principles by Fred Wortman **** THEIST_WATCH Archives ATHEISTS 1K Atheists/statistics and news on -- from THEIST_WATCH AUSSIE 2K Australia and religion -- news clips from THEIST_WATCH COURT 4K U.S. Courts and religion, state/church separation EEOC 2K EEOC and religion -- news clips from THEIST_WATCH HEALTH 6K Health and religion -- news clips from THEIST_WATCH MISC 19K Misc. news from the echo THEIST_WATCH NASRIM 15K Nasrim Taslima (feminist writer accused of blasphemy) news articles POLITICS 7K Politics and religion - news clips from THEIST_WATCH RCC 11K Roman Catholic church -- news clips from the echo THEIST_WATCH SCHOOL 11K Theist_Watch articles on religion in the public schools UK 9K United Kingdom (Britain, England) religious news from Theist_Watch **** Dial-THE-Atheist Messages** 06SEP94.DTA 7K Georgia Silent Moment/Sept. 6 1994 Dial-THE-Atheist 070494.DTA 5K Dial-THE-ATHEIST for July 4, 1994 by Madalyn O'Hair 071194.DTA 4K Murray City Council Prayer/July 11, 1994 Dial-The-Atheist 071994.DTA 5K American Atheist TV Forum/July 19, 1994 Dial-THE-Atheist 10AUG94.DTA 5K Lessons from an Atheist/Dial-THE-Atheist, August 10, 1994 120594.DTA 5K School Prayer & Amer. Atheists/Dial THE Atheist for 12/5/94 12JUNE94.DTA 6K Dial-THE-Atheist/June 12, 1994/Dresden Church Reconstruction 19SEP94.DTA 6K Pres. Clinton & Religion/Sept. 19, 1994 Dial-THE-Atheist 1AUG94.DTA 6K "True Love Waits"/Dial-THE-Atheist/August 1, 1994 24AUG94.DTA 7K Family Values & The Bible/Aug. 24, 1994 Dial-THE-Atheist 92SOL.DTA 6K Winter Solstice 1992 DTA510.TXT 5K An Atheist Scientist Speaks Out/May 5, 1994 Transcript EEOC.DTA 5K EEOC Guidelines/Dial-THE-Atheist May 2, 1994 HEALTH.DTA 6K Hillary Clinton, Religion, and the Health Care Plan HELL.DTA 5K The resurgence of a belief in hell PLEDGE.DTA 6K Pledge of Allegiance (TEXT file) POPE.DTA 6K The pope and Clinton (TEXT file) POPE2.DTA 6K The pope chastizes a president (TEXT file) PRES.DTA 5K President Clinton and the Bible/April 25, 1994 RFRA.DTA 7K Religious Freedom Restoration Act -- TEXT file TEXTBOOK.DTA 7K Textbooks and Religion/Dial-THE-Atheist UTAH.DTA 6K City Council Prayer in Utah **** Dial-An-Atheist Messages** SF1093.TXT 4K San Francisco Dial-an-Atheist, October 1993 SF294.TXT 4K San Francisco Dial-an-Atheist, February 1994 SF394A.TXT 5K Dial-an-Atheist San Francisco, March 28, 1994 SF494.TXT 4K San Francisco Dial-an-Atheist, April 1994 SF594.TXT 4K San Francisco Dial-an-Atheist, May 1994 SF694.TXT 3K San Francisco Dial-an-Atheist, June 20, 1994 SF993.TXT 4K San Francisco Dial-an-Atheist, September 1993 **** Atheism & Atheists - II** ALLEN.ZIP 6K Biography of Grant Allen by Madalyn O'Hair (ZIPPED version) CHILDREN.ZIP 4K Should infidels send their children to Sunday school? HALDANE.ZIP 7K "It Was a Good Show" (biography of J.B.S. Haldane) ZIPPED HAPPY.ZIP 6K The Happy Atheist by Chapman Cohen (ZIPPED version) HISTNOTE.SEP 4K AAOS Historical Notes for September 1994 JGM0489.ZIP 12K Tragedy of Self-Censoring Atheists/Jon G. Murray (ZIPPED) JGM1089.ZIP 15K Anticlericals, secularists, and Atheists by Jon Murray LAUGH.ZIP 6K Why We Laugh by Chapman Cohen -- ZIPPED file OBJECT.ZIP 8K What is the Object of Life by Grant Allen (ZIPPED version) PARANOIA.ZIP 4K Atheist Paranoia vs. Empty Pews by Jon G. Murray -- ZIPPED RADIO119.ZIP 7K Joseph Lewis, Atheist/A.A. Radio Series #119 -- ZIPPED file ROOTS490.ZIP 17K The Hon. Atheist Governor Culbert L. Olson by Madalyn O'Hair ROOTS988.ZIP 10K Mangasar Magurdith Mangasarian by Madalyn O'Hair SINNER.TXT 7K Loving the sinner, hating the sin by R. Murray-O'Hair (TEXT) SMALLTOW.ZIP 14K Reply to a Small Town Atheist by Jon G. Murray (ZIPPED) VERNAL.ZIP 3K The Vernal Equinox by Jon G. Murray WHYIAM.ZIP 9K Why I Am a Materialist by J.B.S. Haldane (ZIPPED file) **** GIFs** AA-01.GIF 127K Jon G. Murray, President of American Atheists, Color GIF AA-02.GIF 41K Robert G. Ingersoll B & W GIF AA-03.GIF 78K Robert G. Ingersoll. Same as AA-02.GIF but a closeup AA-04.GIF 174K Murray-O'Hair family: portrait taken for 20th anniv. of AA AA-05.GIF 52K Don Sanders, President of American Gay and Lesbian Atheists AA-06.GIF 68K Chris Allen, Utah Regional Representative, American Atheists AA-07.GIF 79K Thomas Edison, inventer, Atheist AA-08.GIF 94K Ellen Johnson, New Jersey regional rep., American Atheists AA-09.GIF 109K Second Atheist Pride March, 1992, Austin, Texas AA-10.GIF 58K Murray family at the time of the school prayer decision AA-11.GIF 154K Madalyn O'Hair, founder of American Atheists AA-12.GIF 169K Madalyn O'Hair, founder of AA, at her desk working AA-13.GIF 208K American Atheist General Headquarters, Austin, TX AA-14.GIF 135K American Atheist GHQ -- the bookstore AA-15.GIF 106K American Atheist Television Forum set AA-16.GIF 176K American Atheist Library and Archives AA-17.GIF 192K First Atheist Pride March, Denver, 1987 AA-LOGO.GIF 4K American Atheist Logo BUND.BMP 25K Same as BUND.GIF, for Windows(tm) desktop picture BUND.GIF 7K Priest with god hand-puppet, from Bund gegen Anpassung HH-JC-1.GIF 155K A GIF of our Lard.... JUPITER.GIF 11K GIF of Jupiter and Its Moons NOCHRIST.GIF 5K Red slash sign over cross ROBIN.GIF 370K GIF of Robin Murray-O'Hair, American Atheists Online Sysop VPIC.ZIP 171K VPIC Ver. 6.1, a picture file viewer/converter **** Legal Library - II** JGM0789.ZIP 28K Supreme Court Sends A Message to Christians by Jon Murray JGM0889.ZIP 20K Praise the Lord & Pass the Ball by Jon G. Murray (ZIPPED) JGM0988.ZIP 16K Mr. Murray Goes to Washington by Jon G. Murray **** White House** ABCKIDS.ZIP 23K Clinton's remarks in ABC Kids' Special 3/19/94 (ZIPPED file) AME-NYC.WJC 20K Clinton's Remarks at the Bethel AME Church, Sept. 25, 1994 AME.TXT 12K Clinton at Full Gospel AME Zion Church/August 14,1994 AMERICOR.WJC 6K Clinton's Remarks at Church Services with Americorps NCCC 9/11/94 APEC.WJC 43K Clinton's remarks on school prayer following the APEC meeting 11/15/94 BAPTIST.WJC 37K Clinton's remarks to the National Baptist Convention 9/9/94 BFAST.TXT 12K Clinton's Remarks/Whitehouse Interfaith Breakfast 8/30/93 BUSH0392.ZIP 6K Pres. Bush's remarks to the National Assoc. of Evangelicals CAIRO.VP 16K Remarks of VP Al Gore at the International Conf. on Population Dev. CAIRO2.VP 4K Gore's Remarks on the International Conference on Population & Deve. CBC94.WJC 15K Clinton's Remarks to the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner 9/17/94 CHRMSG.TXT 2K Clinton's Message for Christmas 1993 EASTER.TXT 2K Clinton's Easter 1994 Message -- TEXT file EVENING.ZIP 30K Evening with the President 4/5/94 -- ZIPPED file GODSSIDE.ZIP 6K Bush's Speech to the NRB Convention 1/28/91 (ZIPPED version) GOSPELMU.WJC 3K Proclamation for the Year of Gospel Music, 1994 by Pres. Clinton HANUKK94.WJC 3K Hannukkah 1994 Message from President William J. Clinton HOLOCAUS.TXT 14K Al Gore's Remarks on Holocaust Day 1994 JEFF.TXT 13K Clinton's Remarks for Jefferson's 205th Birthday (4/13/93) KMOX.ZIP 10K President Clinton's Remarks to KMOX Radio, St. Louis LOYLTY.TXT 3K Clinton's Proclamation for Loyalty Day (5/1/93) MMORIL.TXT 5K Clinton's Proclamation for Memorial Day 1993 NATPRAYE.TXT 4K Presidential Proclamation for National Day of Prayer 1994 PASSOVER.TXT 2K President Clinton's Passover 1994 Message -- TEXT file PEALE.TXT 2K Clinton's statement on the death of Norman Vincent Peale PRAYBR.TXT 6K Clinton's Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast 2/3/94 PRAYER.TXT 5K Clinton's Proclamation of the Nat. Day of Prayer 4/30/93 RELIG.TXT 5K Clinton's Proclamation for Religious Freedom Day 1/14/94 RFRA.TXT 9K Clinton's Remarks signing Religious Freedom Restoration Act ROSHHASH.WJC 3K Clinton's statement for Rosh Hashana, Sept. 5, 1994 STATE1.TXT 36K State of the Union Address 1993 (Prepared Text) STATE2.TXT 45K State of the Union Address 1994 (as given) THANKSPR.WJC 5K Thanksgiving Proclamation 1994/President William J. Clinton TJBD.TXT 5K 251st Anniversary of Birth of Jefferson Proclamation TJDINNER.TXT 4K Clinton's Remarks at T. Jefferson Dinner 4/11/94 (TEXT) TREE.TXT 4K Clinton's Remarks at National Xmas Tree Lighting 12/9/93 WBZRADIO.WJC 10K Interview of President Clinton by WBZ Radio in Boston, 11/2/94 YOM.TXT 2K Clinton's Remarks for Yom Kippur (9/25/93) YOM94.WJC 3K Clinton's 1994 Yom Kippur Statement **** Christianity - Criticism AARS10.ZIP 7K Arguments for God by Madalyn O'Hair (ZIPPED version) AARS25.ZIP 7K What Is Religion by Madalyn O'Hair/Radio Series Program 25 AARS340.ZIP 6K Coercive Nascent Christianity by Madalyn O'Hair (ZIPPED) AARS349.ZIP 7K New Testament Forgeries by Madalyn O'Hair AARS360.ZIP 7K Christian Suppression of Opinion by Madalyn O'Hair ACE.ZIP 7K The ACE in Its Hole by Jon G. Murray -- ZIPPED file DYING.ZIP 5K Dying Like a Christian by Chapman Cohen (ZIPPED version) JGM0689.ZIP 14K Christian Ethics by Jon G. Murray (ZIPPED file version) OPINIONS.ZIP 6K Religion and Opinion by Chapman Cohen -- ZIPPED file RADIO106.ZIP 7K Authentic History of Jesus/A.A. Radio Series (ZIPPED) RADIO115.ZIP 7K Torquemada/American Atheist Radio Series #115 (ZIPPED) ROCKAGES.ZIP 16K Rock of Ages and the Age of Rocks by Frank Zindler (ZIPPED) USERELIG.ZIP 5K Is Religion of Use? by Chapman Cohen XMASTREE.ZIP 6K Christmas Trees and Tree Gods by Chapman Cohen ZIND0490.ZIP 18K Reversing Science by Frank R. Zindler **** Non-Christian Religions AARS405.ZIP 7K Theosophy by Madalyn O'Hair BIMBO.ZIP 33K Bimbos for Satan by Conrad F. Goeringer/ ZIPPED VERSION DRUGKILL.ZIP 6K Drug Killings Fuel Hysteria by Conrad Goeringer GANGES.ZIP 7K Clensing the Ganges by Margaret Bhatty -- ZIP file HANDMAID.ZIP 5K Handmaidens of God by Margaret Bhatty -- ZIPPED file HORSES.ZIP 5K If Wishes Were Horses by Margaret Bhatty -- ZIPPED file JAINISM.ZIP 6K Jainism by Margaret Bhatty -- ZIPPED file LIGHT.ZIP 4K Humbuggery and the Light on the Hill by M. Bhatty (ZIPPED) MORGAN.ZIP 7K Review of "Dale Morgan on Early Mormonism" (ZIPPED file) NEWWITCH.ZIP 6K The New Witch-Hunt by Conrad Goeringer -- ZIPPED version PARSEES.ZIP 5K The Parsees -- A Threatened Species? by M. Bhatty (ZIPPED) UNISEX.ZIP 4K Unisex with a Difference by Margaret Bhatt -- ZIPPED FILE WOMEN.ZIP 8K Women and the Law of Karma by Margaret Bhatty -- ZIPPED FILE **** Internet Information DSCWEB.TXT 2K Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee -- internet access HREMAIL.ZIP 3K US House of Representative E-Mail addresses PDIAL.TXT 69K Public and lowcost Internet access sources -- a listing WHITEHOU.PUB 4K Information on obtain files by e-mail from the White House **** Christianity-Source Documents 113094.SBM 35K Southern Baptist Press mailing/news brief -- November 30, 1994 120194.SBM 61K Southern Baptist Press mailing/news brief -- Dec. 1, 1994 120294.SBM 11K Southern Baptist Press mailing/news brief -- December 1, 1994 120594.SBM 20K Southern Baptist Press mailing/news brief -- December 5, 1994 120694.SBM 46K Baptist Press mailing/news brief for December 6, 1994 **** Volunteer's Support AA1.TXT 3K Report of some of my recent activities ADS 7K Classified ads to place to promote American Atheists ALERT.APR 4K Volunteers' Alert/April 1993: Stamp Hunt and Forum Sponsors ALERT.JUN 5K Volunteers' Alert/June 1993: Proofreading, Newspaper Clippin ATHLOG.TXT 29K Something from Internet, from the newsgroup ALT.ATHEISM FORUM.TXT 3K How to help get the American Atheist Forum on TV in your area JULY94.VOL 6K Volunteers' Alert July 1994 LBB.TXT 3K Listing of Little Blue Books needed for the Library LEGLST.ZIP 133K Listing of all online legal resouces in the U.S. LETTERS.ZIP 4K Volunteers' Sheet #2: Writing Letters to the Editor (ZIPPED) SCHOOL.SEC 4K What You Can Do to Keep the Public Schools Secular SEARCH.TXT 14K American Atheist Library Book Search List (TEXT) SEARCH.ZIP 6K American Atheist Library Book Search List (ZIPPED) STAMPHUNT 7K Volunteers' Fact Sheet #1: The Stamp Hunt TYPE 8K Typing Guidelines for Volunteers VOLNEWS.TXT 8K American Atheist Volunteer News, January 1994 VOLNEWS.ZIP 4K American Atheist Volunteers' News, January 1994 **** HOT TOPIC: School Prayer HJRES.424 4K Proposed School Prayer Constitutional Amendment HJRES424.COS 4K House sponsors of H.J. Res. 424 (The school prayer amendment) JOHNSON.TXT 4K "No Such Amendment Is Needed" by Ellen Johnson, NE Rep. of AA, Inc. **** HOT TOPIC: Christian Right 15%SOLUT.ION 7K The Christian Right's Fifteen Percent Solution ATHENS.ZIP 16K DNC Chairman David Wilhelm on politics and religion, 4/4/94 B907.TXT 3K Democratic National Committee on the Religious Right & Republicans DEMCB.TXT 5K RNC Press Relase on Democrat Christian-Bashing, 6/21/94 HRCC-REL.ZIP 12K House Republican Conf. Committee on Democrats' attack on religion PAT.ZIP 7K Pat Buchanan's Speech at the Republican National Convention in 1992 PRHR6.TXT 2K RNC Press Release on defeat of Elementary and Secondary Ed. Act WILHELM.ZIP 7K DNC Chairman David Wilhelm's speech to the Christian Coalition 9/10/93 **** Utilities ARJ241_P.ZIP 221K ARJ - archiving utility v2.41 CQWK140A.ZIP 627K Windows CQW reader, 2 parts CQWK140A.ZIP AND CQWK140B.ZIP CQWK140B.ZIP 550K 2nd of 2 Windows QWK reader - user friendly. EMOTIC.TXT 8K List of Emoticons and abbreviations used in online messages GREP.ZIP 9K File finding utility LASERLST.ZIP 3K Laser printer ASCII printing utility LHA213.EXE 44K LHA v213 by Yoshi of Japan Release 08-04-91 MEGAEDIT.ZIP 74K Windows text editor larger than Notepad, similar to Write OFFLI150.ZIP 132K Offline V.1.50 .QWK Mail Reader OLX-TD.EXE 224K OFF-LINE XPRESS v2.1 TEST-DRIVE QWK compatible mail reader OLXSIG.ZIP 2K OLX utility to create personalize signatures PK204G.EXE 198K PKZIP Version 2.04 (for unzipping files) PK361.EXE 118K PKPak v3.61 - archiver for files ending in .ARC QUOTE10A.ZIP 15K Quote It! is a utility for SLMR or OLX SCN108.ZIP 248K McAfree Virus Scanner SXCOLOR.ZIP 51K Interface to setup colors for Silver Xpress Reader 3 SXR302PU.ZIP 234K Silver Xpress Off-line Mail Reader 3.02 TAGLX400.ZIP 127K Tag Line XPress version 4.00 Enhanced Tagline UNST30.ZIP 17K UNSIT 3.0 for PC users UNZIP.SIT 40K UNZIPper for the Mac VPIC51.ZIP 134K GIF viewer WINZIP.ZIP 169K Windows Zipping/Unzipping program


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