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--- Following message extracted from HOLYSMOKE @ 1:374/14 --- By Christopher Baker on Sat Dec 09 15:42:04 1995 From: J.J. Hitt To: All Date: 06 Dec 95 05:32:03 Subj: PC 23rd Psalm * Original To : All, 1:2201/38.1 * Original From: Robert Adams, 1:2201/38.1 * Original Area: FREEMASON * Original Date: Nov 28 06:25 The Politically Correct 23rd Psalm (22nd for Roman Catholics) ------------------------------------------------------------- 1 The one to whom I owe allegiance is my genderless primary-lesser-earth- creature-workperson, who also furnishes my requisite needs and comforts. 2 It provides a verdant rain forest for me to habitate as the co-equal of other earth creatures, spirits, sprites, trolls, gnomes, hobbits, and extraterrestrial beings; It identifies and ensures that I have a source of toxin and pollutant free drinking water. 3 It makes me a better, though not superior, person; It directs me as to how best attain the epitome of my personhood pro bono, e.g. without im- posing any obligation or indebtedness in return. 4 Even were I to ambulate the span of the concave geological formation of the spectre of impending mortality, I shall not succumb to any anxieties concerning contemporary social mores or restrictions; as It shall protect me with Its presence; Its agents and their staff shall affirm and expand my constitutional rights and privileges - whether real or imagined - and allow me to pick and chose theistic beliefs or reject such superstitions. 5 It endows me with food stamps despite "mean-sprited" GOP budget-cutters, It gives me unlimited amounts of non-contaminating and earth-friendly petroleum substitutes; I shall have more than I could possibly consume. 6 I am guarantied affluence and full exemption from legal liabilities and responsibilities for life; and I shall live hedonistically forever in a welfare state without work requirements. * "Bother," said Pooh as he sashayed into a Gay bar. Origin: The Infallible Point (radams@cs.wmich.edu) or (1:2201/38.1)


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