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From: Heq To: Hugh Read Msg #186, 22-Nov-90 11:21am Subject: Re: Talking To Fundamentalists You don't understand. They MUST be attacked by anyone and everyone at all times. Otherwise they insidiously recover lost ground very quickly. Are you aware of the tremendous power they exert over our society? Do you have any idea of the extent to which Xtianity has polluted every philosophy and every moral value? You "leave them alone" to your peril -- and mine! While I am engaging them I am wasting THEIR time so that they aren't doing something repressive or damaging to some innocent person. My question to you is why aren't you as worried about them as I am? Do you think that Xtianity is NOT a danger to the world? --- * Origin: ThelemaNet San Francisco * (415) 751-9308 (Opus 1:161/93) From: Charles Nemo To: Heq Msg #187, 23-Nov-90 06:39pm Subject: Re: Talking To Fundamentalists Heq, I couldn't agree with you more! The only reason we as a society have some degree of peace and quiet is because the public disgrace of Swaggart, the Bakkers, etc. put the spotlight of notoriety on them and shut them up for awhile--but certainly not forever. ANYONE or ANYTHING out of sync with their narrow view of how things must be is targetted for extermination--at least reputationally and if they had their way literally as well! Turning the other cheek is DANGEROUS where fundies are concerned. I've been personally subjected to their sick mind games in a work situation. If there's one thing I've learned when someone comes on as "holier than thou", it's to put a cork in, watch my wallet and run like Hell! A good friend of mine (you can guess whom I'm referring to) lived among them for awhile and got a firsthand look at their war games in Arkansas. Really, really scary stuff.... --- Opus-CBCS 1.13 * Origin: Opera=Amorum, BaphoNet-At-Night -> (718) 499-9277 (1:107/666.0) From: Thomas Frost To: Charles Nemo Msg #194, 25-Nov-90 11:30am Subject: Re: Talking To Fundamentalists what you fail to realize is that a) Swaggart, Bakker, etc. are a small but (in this country) vocal minority in Christianity. Christians in Latin America, Europe, and so on have never heard of them. numbers-wise, if you want to know the direction of future Christianity, i suggest you look at Latino house-church rather than televangelism. these guys don't represent the major opinions in Christianity any more than Christ represented Judaistic thought in the 1st century. b) more often than not, the televangelists disagree with each other. this is because they are businessmen first and religious figures second, and they are in competition. there is no monolithic evangelical view. c) the televangelists are a transitory phenomenon brought on by television deregulation, economic conditions, and a host of other factors. they weren't so prominent ten years ago and will not be so ten years from now. chill out and wait. t.f. --- msged 2.05 * Origin: The White Knight Cafe (1:109/409)


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