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From: Charles Nemo To: Harvey Smith Re: Terms of disrespect Let's face reality, dude. The most destructive cult of all time has been the xtian church, withs its execution of countless heretics from at least 1000 A.D. to 1800 A.D., its thousands of child-molesting catholic priests (6% of 50,000 priests is the estimate, which amounts to over 3,000 child molesters according to a report I saw recently on 20/20, and involves hundreds of millions of dollars of awarded and pending damages), and the deadly Mormon cult in Kirland, Ohio which was caught only after killing five or six people. And the fundies are CERTAINLY not holier than these; they have their Jim and Tammy con, their Jimmy Swaggart sex scandal, and their Anal Roberts fundriaser ripoff. These are just a few classic examples, and there are countless others. People like Bob Larson only propagate further falsehoods and hate. Such people simply make more likely the Armageddon that you all seem to want so much.... I NEVER have seen a fundie who didn't hate environmentalists with a passion! Why? People who try to make the Earth a better place to live are viewed as obstructing Armageddon, the "rapture" of true believers up/down to heaven, and the mythical second coming. But what if they're wrong? Then we'll all be stuck in the Hell on Earth that fundies have at least passively allowed to occur if not actively created. So xtian fundamentalism is very dangerous to the Earth and all its living creatures. The Earth is man's thing to do with as he wishes according to the bible. Those who disagree with the xtian status quo are always targetted at least for censorship, if not for extermination. What else would one expect from a dry desert religion with a vengeful god, the greatest symbol of which is not life, but a dead, bloodied, tortured figure on a cross? Now THAT'S sick!!!!!!! Don't tell me who's got the ear of your god. I wouldn't want to hear from or talk with something as evil as that.... --- Opus-CBCS 1.72a * Origin: Opera=Amorum, BaphoNet-At-Night -> (718) 499-9277 (1:278/666.0)


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