Bill, how can you say that Christianity is not even indirecxtly responsible for the greate

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Bill, how can you say that Christianity is not even indirecxtly responsible for the greatest atrocities know to mankind. 1. Crusades - the senseless slaughter of Arabic peoples defending their lands against European peasants who have been promised eternal and everlasting life if they participate by Christain Overlords. What is worse is that such senseless invasions are still considered almost hero-like. 2. Overpopulation - In order to strengthen their armies the Catholic Church actively encouraged an increase in population. This caused widespread overpopulation, instigating famine and plague throughout medieval Europe. 3. Subjugation of Women - Christianity through the agency of aggressive global politics spread its' "Women are Evil" and "Women are not capable of thinking or making decisions so do not waste time educating them" doctrine throughout the world. 4. Destruction of Culture - Throughout the last 500 years Christianity has actively sought to undermine local religions of all cultures it met. In this way it instigated the destruction of cultures. 5. Inquisitions - The Spanish Inquisition and American Witch Hunts were unforgiveable use of Christianity as a justification for mass cruelty and slaughter. The majority of the victims were women suffering at the hands of a male-dominated church. 6. Racism - Christianity has been used by Hitler, Mussolini and the Ku Klux Klan as means to justify their slurs against fellow humans of differing genetic pools. 7. Discouragement of Learning - Besides virtually banning 50% of the population from education (ie women), the church has continually shown a propensity to conceal scientific information not supporting their dogma. Their are many examples of this throughout history, the most famous being the harrassment of Galileo. 8. Anti-environmentalism - Until very recently when many churches have done a complete backflip, the church has taught it's flock that the Earth was created for Man to do with as he will. As a result (and this is in direct opposition to the stance taken by many of the cultures that Christianity has destroyed) the general trend in our society is, if it's economically viable, dig it up, cut it down and throw it away. Need I go on. Ever heard of the Mahdi? And as the war propaganda from World War I tells, god wanted to punish the French and the Brits through the hands of the German. Incidentally, the others had it the other way around. Show me how many wars you can find where religion has not lend a helping hand. Do not forget, bombing Iraq is doing god's work. Good joke, every non religious war falls back on the atheists? Go ahead, how many wars have been declared by atheists compared to how many wars have been started by religious believers. I do understand now why you attack logic so much.


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