I agree that this is my faith and that everyone has a choice as to what they believe... Ye

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I agree that this is my faith and that everyone has a choice as to what they believe... Yet what I am being taught in school is against knowledge! Are the absence of absolutes evidenced in nature? Unless genetically altered, will an organism bring forth any other organism other than it's "own kind"? This is a common characteristic value of reproduction... an evidence of life. Furthermore, the human system not only has many systems functioning together at once, but these systems must function within very strict environments to maintain homeostasis. The pH level within the venous blood and interstitial fluid is idealistically 7.35. Even though this variable is constantly fluctuating, the body (through negative feedback systems) is constantly "checking" this level and acting accordingly. So it is with some of the other levels in our body. The intra cranial fluid pressure must remain within a very strict environment or death threatening circumstances will result. Even more so, metabolic activity, which is a necessity for all life, exhibits amazing characteristics which speak of a master designer. Man has all the tools for life... the structure and the functioning of its parts... But where do the thought process come in? What really gives this shell the ability to exist? Personalities, character, and our emotions are traits which do not deal with structure or function... they deal with soul and spirit... I have found in school that there is a vast amount of knowledge to be had; yet I have also found that there is a great neglect of that knowledge. This is what has saddened me. Yes, it is true that everything does speak of a master designer.. and for those who take it further... if there is a master designer... would He have sought to communicate to us in some way? Man, on the soul and spiritual side of things, is constantly worshiping one form of a god or another. Church, religion, tribal customs, and such forth are prevalent in this world... proving that this assumption has validity. But wouldn't this Master Designer make himself known... as humanity, from within their hearts, seeks after their creator? This He has done in a very functional sense. For God knowing the hearts of all men, Has revealed Himself through His word, which does not lie. He has told us many things before they happened, and unlike supposed contenders, He has always been 100% accurate, without any flaw. But most specially in telling us of a day when He Himself would come, and wash away our sins with His own blood. There are many bible references, which were written down on manuscripts over a 1500 year time-span, that correlate as to exactly where this messiah would be born; how He would exactly die; and how He would rise again... reaching out to man... to believe and be saved from a pending judgement of sin. This Messiah is Jesus... who died in your place.. to


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