Hello my friend!... I am presently studying in the medical profession... which has require

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Hello my friend!... I am presently studying in the medical profession... which has required that I take many classes involving a science of one form or another. I would like to share what I have been learning in college if I may... because I feel that you have a great appreciation of science... along with its rewards, fulfillments, and shortcomings. Through my college science classes, (although much of my obtained knowledge is yet juvenile; in need of correction and "fine tuning"), I am discovering many wonderful "truths". These truths being that everything is made up of neutrons, protons, and electrons; with different bonding capabilities, forming what we know of as the substance of all there is. I am also learning that there are microorganisms, which, as we are finding out, affect the biological and non-biological worlds with a somewhat homeostatic balance. Even the elements as we know them seem to adhere to specific cycles in order to maintain a life supporting atmosphere by which we live in. Furthermore, I have been learning about the human body and how the human organism is structured and how it functions. Specific cells which form specific tissues; which in turn, form specific organs; which in turn form the systems in our body. I am learning that all these systems must function together, maintaining a homeostatic environment; an organism structured and functioning as a whole. The benefits of this acquired knowledge within the scientific realm are staggering! From the arrangement of molecules by which we manufacture materials, and the genetic capabilities of microbiological interventions (antibiotics etc.), to the medical technology of today (organ transplants etc.), we have come a long way in our abilities indeed! Through all of my studies regarding the above discoveries, I cannot help but come to the conclusion that there is a Designer. Everything displays the expert craftsmanship of a divine source. This is not quickly refuted in any case. Unfortunately, within my studies, I have also discovered other not-so-interesting finds. I have been instructed by some who profess that there are no absolutes. That there are no fixed variables. I have also been informed by many of these same individuals that there is no god. That through the process of time, we have somewhat evolved to the finely tuned specimen, which we know today, as the "naked ape". This of course is just a figurative example of having evolved from the Monera Kingdom, (or as is now being speculated, from viruses.) I feel at a great loss somewhat. With my new knowledge of our scientific discoveries and technological advances, it seems a waste to also discover that there is no god. Have we become so foolish? Are there indeed no absolutes, or is this just a new doctrine being lifted of the ground by those who do not choose to regard God's absolutes


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