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Null Cypher Jan-17-93 09:28PM Why Xians Post in Alt.Atheism From: (Null Cypher) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism --- Why Do Christians Post in Alt.Atheism? --- As any frequent reader of alt.atheism knows, it is common to find theists (typically Christians) preaching on the newsgroup. These Christians often use techniques such as: The scare tactic - If you don't believe in God, then you will burn in Hell! Therefore you should believe in God. The lack of disproof proof - You can't prove that God does not exist, so therefore atheism is unfounded. The warm and fuzzy gambit - God REALLY REALLY loves you, and wants to be your pal. Therefore you should believe in God. The futility of atheism - The fact that you don't believe in God doesn't change the fact that God really DOES exist, so you should put away your foolish disbelief. Etc... You can probably come up with more. (just read the FAQ) Now I'm sure you've wondered, just as I have, about why exactly these Christians are resorting to these tactics? Anyone with more intellect than a grapefruit can see that these arguments are worthless when told to an atheist. Well, I think it's time we recognized these posts for what they really are - cries for help. These Christians have begun to realize that their religions are based on unfounded assumptions (and often illogical arguments), and so they come to alt.atheism for help. This is where they run into a problem. As atheists, we thrive on rational dialogue. These challenged Christians, on the other hand, are unaccustomed to such things as constructing a logical argument, and so they reach out to us the only way they know how - through vile babbling and swinish ignorance. I think it is our moral responsibility to help these unfortunates. We should not look down upon them and assault them with flames, but embrace them and provide them with comfort. Once their esteem is raised, we may fill in the gaps in their upbringing - we will teach them the principles of logic and skepticism. With luck and some tender loving care, we may just bring these lost Christians around to a suitably atheistic point of view, and perhaps let them be productive members of society. I should note that every rule has its exceptions, and this is no exception. There is no doubt that there are a few Christians on the newsgroup who are in fact rational beings, and are here for stimulating conversation. Such people will be recognized by traits such as the following: The ability to form a rational argument. Failing to use scripture to back up their claims. Knowledge of what the word 'atheism' really means. We should be careful not to appear too condescending to these people. While it is unfortunate that they are Christians, they are not looking for our help (as the preachers are), and probably don't need it either. -- -------------------------------- Null - --------------------------------


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