Let's take a good look now at what 150 years of white, male, heterosexual Christian contro

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Let's take a good look now at what 150 years of white, male, heterosexual Christian control of this country has gotten us: History's BLOODIEST per-capita war, and the one with the WORST per-capita suffering (War between the States, 1861-1865); GENOCIDE of several former Soverign Nations of people, to seize their assets for the over-reproducing Euro-Christians (American Indian Wars); ELIMINATION and VIRTUAL ELIMINATION of numerous species of wild animals, many of which were useful to humans (Wild Grouse, Buffalo, and many others); SLAVERY, PERSECUTION, and DISCRIMINATION (in that order) against non-White inhabitants of the country, especially persons of African descent; GENOCIDE, MURDER, PERSECUTION, and ECONOMIC DISCRIMINATION against any and all persons not COMPLETELY conformant with the Christian Religion (from the Massachusetts Witch Genocide, through the Know-Nothing anti-Catholicism of the 1800's, Anti-Semitism against Jewish and Muslim people, these sanctions against Witches, Pagans, and Magickal Religionists continuing as I write; the constant persecutions mounted against those who choose not to reproduce for WHATEVER reason, including Gay men and Lesbian women, etc.) Repeated, and avoidable, ECONOMIC FAILURES -- in most cases deliberately planned by the Euro-Christian ruling classes, to "persuade" those of weaker acumen to return to their oppressive religion (the Depressions of 1867-75, 1895-1910, 1929-1940, 1973-1980, and 1985-1992+); Repeated CORRUPTION and DESPOTISM in government, at its WORST when Republicans occupied the White House (among many the best rememberable to our readers are the Watergate Scandal of 1972-4, the Meese Scandals of 1986-88, and Iran-Contra of 1989-91)....... So, as one could readily see if (s)he only would consider ALL the available facts rather than a minority of them, one does NOT need to resort to prejudice or bigotry to be able to launch a FINE attack against our current Christo-fascist society and government!! There are facts APLENTY to arm one for any such conflict!! As far as hatred goes, I have now spent more than half my adult life with Republicans in the White House, and about exactly half with them controlling the Senate as well. Also, the Republicans have been in control of my State government as long as I have been alive (33 years). What has this conservative government gotten ME ?? Discrimination in the job market (because I don't reproduce), virtually constant economic failure, attempted censorship of what I can read, write, see and hear; un-deserved, IMPOSED controls over what I might do to recreate; and a never-ending decrease in my life options generally. And that was while I was a practicing Christian!! Once I got the common sense to LEAVE the conservative Christian path, we can add religious persecution to the above list of horrors I received from the Republicans!! ========================================================================== I hate to tell you this yet AGAIN, Jason, but it's time for permanent social change, whether you and those like you approve or no. It's time for the ONLY armed power on Earth to be the People. It's time for the Immortal Revolution to become the majority religion of this Planet. And YES, it's time to overthrow ALL bosses, whether they be Capitalist, Communist, or Christo-Fascist! It's TIME to realize that POWER and AUTHORITY OVER OTHERS is an un-neccessary evil, an hideous pathogenic POISON that ALWAYS CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. It's TIME to assert the rightful ownership of the members of the working poor to ALL the Planet's resources, AS INDIVIDUALS. It's TIME to create the American Nation that Thomas Jefferson foresaw......... ..........whether the current group of Christians, Conservatives, Bosses, and Haves approve or NOT! Sean McCullough -- Workers First! ANARCHY -- THE DESIRABLE STATE OF THE FUTURE!


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