from Sean McCullough To Steve Bedard Hello Steve! You asked: > How does the fact that I ac

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from Sean McCullough To Steve Bedard Hello Steve! You asked: > How does the fact that I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour > harm anyone? By several means. Religions that use the terms "personal saviour" are inevitably addictive in nature. They encourage various forms of dysfunctional thinking (of which belief in "personal saviours" is unquestionably one of many). In addition to this, the personal ritual of "acceptance of Christ as personal saviour" is the first step out of many, and the ONLY one at which the subsequent process can be stopped. Once one embraces fundamentalist Jesus worship, one then VERY QUICKLY finds oneself trying to make others conform to the same religion and its tenets (McCullough's Law: anyone submitted to any authority bears hostility towards anyone not submitted to the same authority). This conformance is first "asked for nicely" (the stage I believe you to be in, based on my observations of you so far), but VERY soon evolves into the stage where mature fundamentalist Jesus cultists, and their movement as a whole, operate on: the ongoing effort to cause unilateral conformance to the religion by various flavors of FORCE (such as enactment of fundamentalist tenets into the civil laws). All these are INEVITABLE consequences of partaking of the personal ritual known in fundamentalist Protestant terms as "accepting Christ as personal saviour". NEVER has anyone really so believed, yet lived with non-believers, in a secular society, in peace. If you truly believe the Bible, you are REQUIRED to enforce it on the rest of us -- the Bible itself TELLS YOU TO, and fundamentalist Jesus cultists OBEY this WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Hence, UNLIKE other forms of theism which DO permit, however grudgingly, their adherents to keep their beliefs to themselves, the Jesus venerating cults are a never-ending source of conflict, as they are COMMANDED to proselytize by any means whatsoever. Only Islam joins with Christian fundamentalism in having a religiously imbedded MANDATE to convert all humanity. Thus, such cults are a danger to humankind in general BY THEIR MERE EXISTENCE, as I said in the passage you questioned. And I hope that your question is now answered. peace -- Sean


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