To: Anadi Dasa 93-06-14 20:33:00 Subject: Evolutionary kn

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From: Dr Pepper To: Anadi Dasa 93-06-14 20:33:00 Subject: Evolutionary knowledge test > I think the above questionaire's creation is mainly a reaction > to the fundamentalist Christians who show up here from time to > time. Still there are some challenges within it that are a > little above my means to respond to. > Of course, IMHO some of the wording could be toned down a > little. Well after years and years of trying to be nice only to see the creationists continue to cite the same refuted ideas or quote lies that have been publicly exposed, some of us have turned to this method in an attempt to nip it in the bud. You asked above what is a creationist. A creationist is one who denies the whole body of conventional science and insists on divine fiat to explain the modern state of terrestrial life and the observations of remnants of the past. Now there are those who just say what God does is beyond our ability to discern, so we must use faith. We have no problem with those people. There also who those who say hey wait a minute, what's wrong with God being the one who started everything? To them we say, nothing, it just doesn't add anything to the discussion. But then there are those, the liars and distorters and willfully ignorant types my questionaire is aimed at. They are the ones who insist that they have the real science, that ours is bogus. But they have never been able to support their case, many do not even try. This is seriously dishonest. If they want to claim they are doing science, they have to step into the ring like everyone else. And the first thing we would like from them is to say what the theory of creationism *is*. But neither i, nor anyone else i know or have read, has ever seen such a thing. We have tried reason, flattery, bribery, cajolery, no go. So now we use scorn and rudeness. Creationists seem impervious to all of that. If you are a creationist, and i thought from your initial posts that you were, i hope you can pass my test, and i hope you would show yourself to be different from all the others by staying away from the same old tactics. And especially, i'd love to see this much touted theory. Oh, on a separate note: a coreligionist of yours showed up on last year. Their name was Kalki Dasa and they were one of the most impenetrable creationists we'd ever seen. I wondered at the time if they were ISKCON or KYF, but they would never answer that, just as they would never state the theory they claimed to be defending, just tried to sell books. Do you know of this person? 10 2 DR PEPPER 4


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