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From: Kelsey Bjarnason Kill To: All Msg #176, 07-Sep-93 10:14am Subject: Your daily chuckle We've long believed that the fundies were amongst the weirdest people on the planet. Now there is startling evidence to show that not only are they not the weirdest people around, they fall short of the mark by at least three orders of magnitude. The crystal-weenies are much weirder. I didn't realize HOW much weirder until, through a bizarre set of circumstances, I ended up cooped up with one for a while. ("Circles and seeds. That's what it's all about, circles and seeds. All life is seeds, and they work in circles...") When I finally got rid of her, she left a few books kicking around. Let me quote from one of them. Please have your vomit-bags handy. From "The Spiritual Dimensions of Healing Addictions", Donna Cunningham, MSW, Andrew Ramer, Cassandra Press "Because of their ability to hold a charge, crystals do take on the energy around them. They are excellent shields against the vibrations of other people, so many people wear them whenever they are in crowded, public places, in emotionally charged atmospheres, or when they do healing work. However, they need to be cleansed regularly of the vibrations they've soaked up, or they lose their effectiveness and clarity. When you become sensitized to them, you'll begin to know when they are tired and in need of cleansing. They also, as self-preserving living beings, will find a way to hide from you or get lost altogether if they're being overused or not cared for properly. (Like other teachers and guides, however, they may also leave, not because you've abused them, but because you've learned all they have to teach you). If this sounds like anthropomorphism, wait until you get to know them better." Or, if you prefer, the seven steps to "Cleansing Specific Body Parts" "1. Identify the body part or parts you wish to work on. (One at a time is best.) Find pictures of that organ and familiarize yourself with how it works. 2. Place yourself in a bubble. Call on your Core Self to help you, since it constructed the body and knows exactly how to repair it. Work until you feel a strong connection. 3. Fill your bubble with a rich orange light. Place your hands over the area you wish to heal and inhale the light directly into it. 4. Feel the organ itself beging to glow with orange light. Talk to it and tell it to wake up, that you have stopped taking in the substance that harmed it, and that you intend to take better care of it in the future. Express your appreciation for the service it performs for you. 5. Intensify the light in that organ, visualizing it working perfectly. 6. If you're taking any medication, herb or vitamin to heal it, let your body know that this substance is a gift from you to help it get well. (Each time you take in that substance, light up both it and the organ, reminding your brain and the organ what it is for.) 7. If the digestive system is involved, repeat the process each time you eat." I leave it to your judgement just how full to make them sick sacks. * SLMR 2.1a * Give the gift that keep on giving: herpes.


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