The story of how Man Came to Be, by Michael Charles Smith One day God created Marajuana. L

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The story of how Man Came to Be, by Michael Charles Smith One day God created Marajuana. Later that week he decided to try it. God: (Puff..) Hehehehehehehehe! I love this stuff! Hey, Gabe, why doncha try this stuff? The Archangel Gabriel: I'm sorry, boss, but my contract specifically states that I have to be alert for the full legnth of the Creation and the Existance of the Universe; that clause forbids me from injesting any intoxicating substances. God: Yeah, I know, I know. Wow, you guys are such stiffs! Why's I hire you angels anyway? I mean, why can't you be more like that guy Lucifer? He's my favorite ya know... Gabriel: I'm sorry boss, but you wanted... God: I know, damnit! I know everything, remember? (Puff..) Aw wow, this is great! I wish I had invented this on Day One...I probably woulda spent the last six days smokin' this, tho... (Puff..) Hey, Gabe, lookit this animal I'm working on. Isn't this f***** up? Gabriel: Weird...what is it, boss? God: Hehehehehe...that's the best part! I just took a duck and a beaver and put the two together! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Isn't that great? Lookit that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Gabriel: I see.... God: Hehehe...oh, wait...this is the best part! Guess what I'm gonna call it? Gabriel: What? God: "Platypus!" Isn't that great? Hehehehe! IT gets better! This thing is a mammal, right? But it lays eggs! Hehehehe... Gabriel: Boss, you may want to consider taking a break from work while you're smoking... God: (Puff..) Nonsense! I'm most creative when I do this! Here, lookit what I'm making now... Gabriel: Ugh, what's that? God: Look, I took an ape, right, and I *took all the hair off*! Hehehe, this is great! I call it a Human. I'm going to give it something the other apes don't have tho...half a wit! Oh, I can hardly wait to unleash this baby on the Earth... Gabriel: I see...hehehe... God: Oh, that's not all... here, lookit the male! Gabriel: That *is* quite amusing, boss! God: Yeah, I know...lookit that thing! Hehehe... okay, I'll put them in that Garden and see what happens... ===============================THE NEXT DAY============================== God: Urrrgh...Gabe...make a note *not* to consume Marajuana while working on planets, okay? Gabriel: Yes, God. God: I have a headache and I feel dry...oohhh... okay, let's see what Earth is doing. Hey, what the... Gabe? Gabriel: Yes? God: Since when is the air tinted gray on the Terra Project? Gabriel: For about the last 200 Solar Revolutions, boss. God: Ouch. Hey, what are those funny little things down there? Gabriel: "Humans," boss. God: What the f*** is a Humon? Gabriel: An ape with no hair and half a brain, boss. God: I didn't authorize that, did I? Gabriel: You made it yourself, boss, while smoking that Marajuana substance. God: Oh no...Gabriel, make it official: no project is authorized while I'm injesting marajuana. OK? Gabriel: Gottit. God: Ewwww...well maybe I can salvage it...Hey, Gabe, what is *that*? Gabriel: A Platypus, sir. God: A WHAT??? Gabriel: A PLatypus. A mammal that leys eggs. God looks at the Earth for about five minutes before he decides... God: F*** it. Let's start on Mars, ok?


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