Subject: a sad story to keep firmly in mind Date: 11 Sep 90 22:58:56 GMT [From the Philade

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From: mrc@Tomobiki-Cho.CAC.Washington.EDU (Mark Crispin) Subject: a sad story to keep firmly in mind Date: 11 Sep 90 22:58:56 GMT [From the Philadelphia Chapter of American Atheists:] In 1946, Claude William Dukenfield, at age 65 died of a stomach hemmorage and cirrosis of the liver. Claude's dying wish was to receive "no religious service," and he stated in his will that he wanted to use most of his three quarters of a million dollars to create a college for "orphan white boys and girls" where "no religion of any sort is to be preached." In Claude's will he stated that he wanted his body to be cremated and that there be no religious service or public funeral, rituals that he often ridiculed. His estranged wife, Harriet, was a devout Catholic and forbade cremation. Claude's friends had a simple non-sectarian service, then Harriet had a Catholic funeral. Claude had a mistress, Carlotta, who had a spiritual reading of her own. He did not want an observance of his death, and got three. He wanted to be cremated and he was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, which he satirized in life. In his will he left his wife and son $20,000, to be divided equally; and he left $25,000 for his mistress. For four years his wife fought to get his money in the courts. At the end there was $65,000 left for his wife and no money was left for the college. Claude William Dukenfield, who was born in Philadelphia on January 29, 1880, is better known as W.C. Fields. All of his desires to be remembered as an Atheist were disgraced by the religious. The W.C. Fields College, which would have been the first college in America dedicated to no religion, will never happen due to his greedy religious wife. _____ | ____ ___|___ /__ Mark ("Gaijin") Crispin "Gaijin! Gaijin!" _|_|_ -|- || __|__ / / R90/6 pilot, DoD #0105 "Gaijin ha doko?" |_|_|_| |\-++- |===| / / Atheist & Proud "Niichan ha gaijin." --|-- /| |||| |___| /\ (206) 842-2385/543-5762 "Chigau. Gaijin ja nai. /|\ | |/\| _______ / \ MRC@CAC.Washington.EDU Omae ha gaijin darou" / | \ | |__| / \ / \"Iie, boku ha nihonjin." "Souka. Yappari gaijin!" Hee, dakedo UNIX nanka wo tsukatte, umaku ikanaku temo shiranai yo.


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