Subject: Thompson interview Here are some excerpts from a radio interview of Linda Thompso

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From: Glenda Stocks Subject: Thompson interview Here are some excerpts from a radio interview of Linda Thompson on Bill Cooper's "Hour Of The Time" broadcast. I heard the program on shortwave radio, at 5.810, on December 31st, 1993, at 8pm EST. The subject of the program was the Waco Massacre. Linda spoke about her soon to be released WACO II video tape, the upcoming trial of the survivors of the Waco massacre, and the smear campaign against her. Below, I will type in portions of the interview: ... Linda Thompson People have taken the original waco tape, [Waco the Big Lie] showed it in their communities, and people really are waking up around the country. That's been, the most gratifying part of this; the whole thing, I was so happy to see that occur. I don't feel like I'm alone anymore. I know I'm not. And it's people like you [Bill Cooper] that are making the difference. ... Bill Cooper Well thank you Linda. But I'm just one lonely helpless person too. ... Linda Thompson Yes, but that's all been [on the part] of the people who have just taken the bull by the horns, and run with it. It's been amazing to me. People would get the tape and show it on public access TV, they've shown [the tape] to the churches, they've shown it to their gun clubs, they show it to their families. And then they send it to their congressmen. I hadn't been on any radio shows in Georgia at all, and a congressmen from Georgia was on C-SPAN saying, "Please don't send me another copy of the tape". The governor of Texas, was asked by Terry Liberty Parker, who has been just an amazing, amazing, amazing person working in this, [was aksed] on radio one day had she seen the Waco tape. And the governor of Texas replied, "In my sleep, in my sleep". Now we know the department of Justice, department of justice, got asked about the tape twice, during their final so-called report of their investigation into Waco. And could not explain the fire at the end of the tank. Didn't try to. They said that it appeared to be a flame, and their experts didn't know what it was. Bill Cooper If the United States government says that, who are these people who call themselves patriots, who are set out on one course, and one course only, and that's to try to discredit you, and to discredit your work, and to try to get people not to look at that tape anymore. Who are these people? Linda Thompson Every single one of them so far that has done that, has been connected to Bo Gritz. Bill Cooper You mean Bo Bo's in this, mixed up in this? Linda Thompson Absolutely. He began the attack simultaneously with Tom Donahue and Ron Engleman. And they were relying on a tape, that before it was even out, that was produced by a guy named McNulty who's an insurance salesman that claims to be a professional investigator. Bill Cooper We checked that out this afternoon after I talked to you. And he is indeed an insurance broker, and is not a professional investigator. So he has lied on that point. Is that correct? Linda Thompson Well that's one of the several points he's lied on actually. He's apparently got an article coming out in Soldier of Fortune, in the February issue. And that's gonna be real interesting because the points that he's making... He put out a video tape, is what he's done. And the purpose... he called me back in June and said he was gonna prove that the flame throwing tank that was seen in my first tape was not a flame throwing tank. And he also said he had footage showing that there was a flame throwing tank in another part of the footage that he had, at a different place in the building. And I thought that's really dumb. Why would you try to prove mine wasn't real but yours was real. And it didn't make sense to me. And I ... didn't pay any attention to him. And it took him months because he's just now come out with this footage. But what he's done is, he's got a piece of footage that shows the tank backing up, and then it continues to back up on his tape. And it appears that what's on the front of the tank is debris. Well, in all the footage that we've had, I have never found a continuous piece of tape that shows the tank continuing to back up. I DID find a piece of tape that shows a tank backing up with debris on it, and it matches the footage in McNulty's tape. But in even that tank, the debris is ON FIRE. And that's what he cut off. ... It's smoking. [Linda discusses what is seen in the new video she will be releasing soon] ... McNulty's tape, also, probably the most bogus part of the tape is [Bill Cooper interrupts] Bill Cooper Let's start from the beginning. ... He has a tape, that he is not releasing to the public. In fact, I have a document that I obtained, which states that the tape is only released to the press. He sent it out... from something called The California Organization For Public Safety. And it has like a capitol building on the letterhead, which makes people think that it comes actually from the state of California. And the acronym is COPS, which sounds official. And in fact, this is a total bogus organization, isn't it? Linda Thompson ... I found out the phone number... begins with area code 909. That's a pay number. If you call there, you're gonna be billed... so much a minute, just for calling. And secondly, if you call information for the number for this group, they don't have a listing; not even with information. Bill Cooper ... Well this afternoon, I made two phone calls. One was to the state of California, capitol... There is no such agency in California, they know of no citizen agency by that name. And I also called the long distance operator, for that address, and that number, and attempted to obtain a listing. And there is no listing. Also, the manner in which this tape was distributed, not allowing the public to see it, and I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of it, to look at it either. But people that I know, who have looked at it, including you, claim that this tape has been doctored. Is that correct? Linda Thompson Yes. ... I couldn't get a copy from them. I got a copy through someone who is in the media, that got the copy to me; because I had asked for a copy. ... This has been setup really very cleverly. McNulty produced the tape, and he puts out these press releases that look official for this bogus business that he has. Claims he's an investigator, when he's an insurance salesman. And then he has a second fellow, who is fairly well established as a writer on 2nd amendment issues, named Neil Schulman, go out and promote his tape. ... Tout it to the media as the be-all, end-all solution to what happened in Waco. And at the same time, attempt to discredit me. That makes it look even more authentic because here's somebody else who's an expert promoting the tape on his behalf. McNulty himself doesn't promote the tape. And that was kind of odd, because Schulman had called me too. And [Bill Cooper interrupts] Bill Cooper There's nothing odd about it, Linda. The classic operation to try to shut you up, and discredit you, just ten days before the trial of the Branch Davidians begins in San Antonio. Bill Cooper's co-host Linda, that's what I wondered also, is why they waited until about the fourth month of your travels around the country, to suddenly break this. Linda Thompson I thought it was kind of interesting too. ... the attacks started the day the Justice Department report came out. And it was almost like the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing, because the Justice Department came out and publicly said that their experts would not say that, that wasn't flame coming out of that tank. ... That's really pretty good. I was amazed that they didn't get anyone to lie for them, and say that it wasn't flame. So when the government won't even go to the point of claiming that it wasn't flame, it makes no sense to me, for some group that claims to be a patriot organization to go out of their way to do it. Bill Cooper I've told you many times Linda... There are no patriot organizations. ... The people who are bringing about the New World Order practice the Hegelian dialectic of political conflict resolution. They create the problem. They create opposing sides which will battle over a solution to this problem. And the solution is always what they wanted to get in the first place. But as it turns out, the people always think it was by accident, or it was their idea. And it always seems, or appears, to solve a problem for the public. But it never does. It always results in more control, of the public, and less freedoms for the individual. ... There is no doubt about it; that this [Waco Massacre] was a large, huge operation, that involved elements of multi-national law enforcement units, military, and even the british SAS, which provided overflights of reconnaisance aircraft, and certain infra-red, heat seeking devices, so that they could identify where these people were inside those buildings. [Linda discusses more scenes from the new tape, Waco II] Bill Cooper ... There was also United States Army Psychological warfare unit on site, manned by military personnel. And that's where all the loudspeaker music came from, and the recordings of rabbits being slaughtered. Linda Thompson ... This type of thing stinks(?) bad; they deny that the active military had anything to do with this, other than advisors. ... The entire hostage rescue team of the FBI, the same guys, that were up in Idaho, and I did verify this, all 50 of the hostage rescue team's members were in Idaho, at Randy Weaver's house; the same guys were in Waco. And the FBI wasn't there, on the 2nd or 3rd or 4th day, like they told us. They were there the 1st day. They were there from the beginning of this thing. And these are the people that murdered everyone in that place [Waco], and have yet to answer for it. They've yet to answer for murdering Vicki Weaver. Bill Cooper They're not the only ones, Linda. All, all, of the people in the United States of America; all of the sheople (not a typo) have to answer for this too. Because they didn't have to wait until those things happened, to know that something was wrong. On the very first day, when a spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, gave a press conference, and stated that they were there, and had made a raid with guns drawn, firing on a church, in Waco, Texas, because they had heard from a foreign source throught the State Department, that the members of the church, were going to commit suicide; every, single, person in this country should have stood up and said, " YOU ARE A LIAR". But they didn't do it, because they are sheople. They are ignorant, apathetic and stupid, and unless they stop being that way, you're gonna see many more Wacos, in the coming months and years. [At the top of the program, Bill Cooper read and answered a letter from a listener, who complained about him talking down to the listeners when he calls them sheople. Bill answered the letter at length, including telling us that when the sheople pull their wool off themselves and stand up like men and women, then he will stop calling them sheople]. Linda Thompson ... The trial for the surviving Branch Davidians, twelve of them; they're charged with conspiracy to commit murder, and murder of federal agents. ... Beginning January the 10th in San Antonio. Bill Cooper ... Conspiracy means, they (Davidians) planned the federal agents' raid on THEM, so that they could kill the federal agents. Is that correct? Linda Thompson Right. Bill Cooper ... What I want to get into... is this upcoming trial, on January the 10th, and I think all this hoopla, and this attempt to discredit you, and divert the public's attention away from that trial, and toward you, is really what this is all about. Of course if they can discredit you, then they can do whatever they want to, with those people. Now the trial is gonna be, actually, in fact, a secret trial, is it not? Linda Thompson Yes, it's supposed to begin on January the 10th. That'll be the day they actually begin picking the jury. ...the judge has already put a gag order on all of the attorneys. He's already said, no press. He's already said that HE is going to pick the jury. And he's already said that the jurors are going to be anonymous. ...And I actually had a judge tell me, and I never believed people that told me this before, until it finally happened to me, two weeks ago. A judge said to me, the Constitution has no place in this court, and you're not going to discuss it. Bill Cooper Well technically, they're right. I've educated my listening audience on this many, many times. When Harry Truman signed the United Nations Treaty, and pushed through Congress, the UN Participation Act, the Executive Branch of the United States Government interpreted the law to mean, that under Article 6 of the Constitution, the United Nations Charter supercedes the Constitution of the United States of America. And, in fact, when any judge is considering a ruling of a Constitutional question, he must have, in front of him, a copy of the United States Constitution, and a copy of the United Nations Charter, and the resolutions which apply. Were you aware of that, Linda? Linda Thompson No. I certainly wasn't. ...I didn't know about the UN Charter. One of the things, I did know, was about the Federal Emergency Management Act, putting the federal judiciary under the executive branch, and directly under executive branch control. And I see the effects of that, day in and day out in court. We've got judges who are nothing but government lackeys. They have no intentions of attempting to be impartial, or mete justice. All they're interested in, is slam dunks, get the calendar cleared, let me out of here, I'll go play golf. And, I'm very disgusted with the entire system, to such an extent, that I am not going to practice law anymore. ... This trial in Waco, promises to be, a total rigged deal. [Air time has almost run out] ... We've got a music video; it's just devastating. ... The number to get it is, 1-800-749-9939. ... To me, if I can see it, [ Waco II video ] in front of my eyes, on tape that has not been digitized like McNulty's was, on video tape that's just straight(?); what you see is what you get. When I can see them murdering people, is in flame throwing tanks, snipers, and the whole nine yards; I don't need to hear the government's explanation. What I want to see, is every one of those guys on trial, for murder and treason. And I don't mean the Branch Davidians. I mean Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Jeff Jamal, Bob Ricks, (?) Higgens, Lloyd Bentsen [Bill Cooper interrupts, air time runs out] Linda Thompson Well, I want to ask the man (the one who wrote in a letter complaining about Bill Cooper calling the listeners sheople], what are you gonna do about this kangaroo trial in Waco? Bill Cooper ... Well, that's my next question folks. Are you going to allow this to happen? Are you going to continue to be sheople? As you allowed all those people to be murdered; are you going to allow the survivors to be destroyed by this society and locked up in jail, or sentenced to death? What are you going to do, sheople? Don't EVER criticize me, for calling you, what you are. You are stupid, ignorant, and apathetic, the majority of you. Some of you are smart, intelligent people, and are helping in this battle. And God[sic] bless you. And whether you believe it or not, good night, and God[sic] bless you, all. [program ends]


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