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From: Dean T. Miller To: All Dec-11-93 08:21PM Subject: Re: Excommunicards and Mormon Gods From: (Dean T. Miller) Message-ID: <> Reply-To: (Dean T. Miller) Newsgroups: utah.religion,alt.pagan,alt.atheism In article <>, Suzanne Cook ( writes: >Actually, Koresh did have sex with children, which is technically rape. Also, >if he was hording weapons, that seems pretty clear that he intended to use >them. Suzanne, I'm not sure where you get your information, but it seems incorrect on all counts. Many times Koresh have been accused by fundamentalist religious people of abusing the children in the compound sexually and/or physically. Many times the state of Texas (and the state of California when Koresh was located there) thoroughly investigated these claims. Every investigation proved false. Absolutely no evidence or indication of any abuse of any type was found. The children that were interviewed after the holocaust all said that Koresh's group taught that any form of child abuse was a sin. As for hoarding weapons, again false. Prior to the burning, BATF agents had, upon several occasions, searched the Koresh compound and surrounding area for arms caches. None were found. The local gun shops all said that Koresh was a stickler for filling out all of the government forms to the letter. One newsletter writer calculated that there were fewer weapons in the compound than in a similar sized, randomly selected group from the general Texas population. You could get the facts before blowing off steam and showing the others reading these newsgroups (would I dare call them cults?) the level of your knowledge.


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