FEARLESS FOSDICK RIDES TO THE WACO RESCUE bdmartin@uafhp.uark.edu (Bobby Martin) writes: >

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FEARLESS FOSDICK RIDES TO THE WACO RESCUE From: jmcgowan@netcom.com (James R. McGowan) Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.atheism bdmartin@uafhp.uark.edu (Bobby Martin) writes: > It was not targetted at six year olds. It was targetted at >adults. Had the adults left the compound the six year olds would have >too. As it turns out, they all had gas masks anyway, and probably few if >any suffered from the gas. We did not target six year olds. WE?? WE?? Are you ATF or FBI?? If so, say so. Why are you going to such lengths to justify a government riot? I don't currently own a gun and have no real desire to have one around; I'd rather live my life without the weapons of killing and murder easily at hand. I will tell you, though that if there is one more police riot like occurred at Waco, I think I'll have to get some. I may need then for defense against my own government. It is a sad day when the American government has come to this. I don't ordinarily defend fundamentalists. But those people had as much right to their beliefs as I do or as you do. The ATF/FBI had no evidence of any serious illegal activities on their part; yet they went in and killed them. So they were stockpiling weapons? Looks like they had reason to. The ATF/FBI gave it to them.


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