To: All Msg #122, Dec-28-93 01:50PM Subject: waco.

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From: The Chameleon To: All Msg #122, Dec-28-93 01:50PM Subject: waco... parallels to the lindy chamberlain case Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana From: (The Chameleon) Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.atheism the story with waco and various people's reactions justifying the death of the davidians, reminds me strongly of a case in australia in the eighties in which a woman was tried for the murder of her ten week old daughter. she was a seventh day adventist (her husband was actually a pastor in that church) and australian prejudice against the "cult" SDA group played a large role in her conviction and in the press reporting of the case. her story: a wild dog took her baby while the family was camping at ayers rock. the prosecution case: she "sacrificed" her baby by cutting it's throat in the family car, then disposed of the body later, while staging the incident in which the baby disappeared. she was convicted and then sentenced to life imprisonment. her husband was convicted as an accessory after the fact. various stories appeared in the press over the period between the disappearance and her conviction: that the baby's name meant "sacrifice in the wilderness", that the parents kept a baby-sized coffin and dressed the girl always in black, that passages in the family bible referring to death in the wilderness were underlined in red, that the baby clothes were found folded in a neat pile in the desert later. the stories and public reaction took the nature of a witch hunt against a person holding an unconventional belief. five years later, after additional evidence confirming her story became available, their convictions were overturned. the woman lost five years of freedom (her second daughter was born in prison and grew up away from her), her marriage and most of her finances because her fellow citizens were prepared to believe unlikely stories about a "cultist". close to 100 davidians were "tried and sentenced" for a similar reason. unfortunately, they aren't in the position to stage an appeal. annette ps. i am not a supporter of the SDA church, nor an opponent any more than i am an opponent of religion in general.


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