To: All Dec-27-93 01:16PM Subject: Re: FEARLESS FO

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From: Larry Pyeatt To: All Dec-27-93 01:16PM Subject: Re: FEARLESS FOSDICK RIDES TO THE WACO RESCUE Organization: Colorado State University, Computer Science Department From: pyeatt@CS.ColoState.EDU (Larry Pyeatt) Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.atheism In article , uh754@freenet.Victoria.BC.CA (Michael van Abbema) writes: |> |> In a previous article, pyeatt@CS.ColoState.EDU (Larry Pyeatt) says: |> > |> >There has been no evidence that those allegations are true. It is more |> >likely that the ATF and FBI were simply spreading propaganda in order |> >to gain support for the massacre of a "dangerous cult." A "dangerous |> >cult" that has existed peacefully in that city for well over a decade? |> >Yeah, right. What is crystal clear is that SOMEBODY is lying. |> >-- |> >Larry D. Pyeatt All standard disclaimers apply. |> > Void where prohibited. |> > |> |> And the SOMEBODY always has to be the Man, eh? Do you deny that that |> Koresh was sick, manipulative fuck? 'Peacefully' my hairy ass. You yanks |> are too gun-happy to understand what 'peacefully' really means. He may have owned weapons, but he never threatened to use them. The weapons were used in self defense. Are you claiming that the Branch Davidians had a habit of toting guns around with them like some sort of FBI or ATF thug? I think not. That sort of behaviour is illegal even in Texas, except for FBI or ATF thugs. The Branch Davidians lived peacefully in Waco. That is an easily verified fact. What evidence do you have that the BD's were not peaceful? Did they all have criminal records? Parking tickets? Did they not pay their bills? Koresh was weird, yes. But there are a lot of lies floating around. He did not say or do most of the things which have been attributed to him. His speaches were edited to make him look much worse than he actually was. Your perceptions are based on propaganda spread by the FBI and ATF. We Americans understand that our government is not to be trusted. That is why we demand the right to own weapons. Perhaps your own government is without fault, but ours is not always correct. BTW, yankee refers to someone from the northeastern part of the country. It is considered offensive by most southerners. It is especially offensive to Texans. -- Larry D. Pyeatt All standard disclaimers apply. Void where prohibited.


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