To: All Dec-26-93 05:52PM Subject: Re: Waco Shooto

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From: Wayne NMI Aiken To: All Dec-26-93 05:52PM Subject: Re: Waco Shootout Evokes Memory of Warsaw '43 Organization: NCSU From: (Wayne NMI Aiken) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism wrote: : Well, I don't have a fancy mailer, so I can't denounce all your lies : individually, but I saw with mine own eyes on TV You saw nothing more than what the government wanted you to see. Have you seen the direct, uncut network newsfeed of video that never made it to the newscasts? I suggest you watch "Waco: The Big Lie" by Linda Thompson. : -How the Religious Freaks had fifty or so days to come out : peacefully and explain their innocence, while their leader ranted : and raved about one "God" and another so called "Jesus" (who I believe : was again come to Earth, embodied as he!) They stayed in for 50 days because they were terrified to come out. BTW- Koresh never claimed that he was "God". If you looked past the government- approved sound bites, you would find the video where this statement was taken 100% out of context. : - I saw the freak that the FBI rescued from the blaze, who tried to : re enter the self made hell. He must have seen the FBI agents who had been assaulting and terrorizing them. : - I saw video of the fire starting inside the building, before the FBI had : even fired a shot. Have you also seen the video of the tank bashing through a wall, then pulling out with what appears to be a flamethrower mounted on the front? Have you seen the video of the agent climbing on top of a tank, and removing what appears to be a fire suit moments before the blaze started? : - I saw lots o' video of Koresh raving about mythology and his big plans : for armageddon. Not to defend the Davidian dogma, nutty as it may be, but have you seen videos of other BD members who did not think, based on the teachings they received, that Koresh would start such a fire himself? :I saw how the fortress of lies, after burning a little, exploded and went up : in an unextinguishable inferno, which was due to the arsenal that they : had on hand. If they were less armed than the average Texan, fire : fighting units in Texas must face immesurable obstacles, as houses : explode every time a toaster overheats. Natural gas tank exploding, nothing more. The inexhaustible inferno was due largely to the cheap materials used in the building, and a strong, driving wind which spread the flames. : For all you who really love this "Jesus/Koresh" diety, fear not! It seems clear that the FBI and BATF represent much more threat to the safety and freedom of people in this country than the Branch Davidians ever would, even if they did have violent inclinations.


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