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From ucivax!!syserror From: (Artificial Intelligence) To: Date: Mon, 3 May 93 11:02:58 -0500 In article <> you write: > Now that I'm "thinking" about the subject, does anyone know WHY >the BATF attacked the Branch Davidians? The media was told that >Jesus Christ had an illegal weapon, but this hardly seems like a >good excuse. --- Maximus 2.01wb OK. The FBI and BATF claimed the Davidians had illegal, automatic weapons. This claim was rather ridiculous, since the Davidians were weapons dealers, and several had type 3 firearms licenses, which allow legal ownership of even fully-automatic weaponry. The Davidians likely did not actually have automatic weapons, since in the dozens of news reports I saw, heard, and read, none mentioned fully-automatic fire. I'm sure the media, eager to condemn the Davidians as they were, would have reported autofire had they heard it. The supposed warrant the BATF had for the arrest of Koresh and the search of his home wasn't. A warrant has been unsealed after the burning, but the warrant was issued _after_ the initial attack. The original assault was completely illegal. In the original assault, the BATF surrounded the home and tried breaking in without knocking and peacefully presenting a warrant. I've heard that it is legal for law-enforcement officers to perform a 'no-knock' warrant serving when they feel they are in danger. However, when they _have_ no warrant, the person in question had legal weapons, never threatened people, and could easily have been arrested peacefully on his trips to town... Anyway, from reports I've seen and read, some BATF agents trying to break into a second story window got trigger happy and started the firefight. Nothing the government did in the initial assault had 'a good excuse.'


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