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==================================================================== * Forwarded by Tom Lane (1:382/91) * Area : RA_SUPPORT (RA Support) * From : Joseph Emmanuel, 1:301/4.1 (Monday April 26 1993 02:52) ==================================================================== I apologize for this off topic message. But we are trying to reach as many people as possible. And since BBS communities have a greater sense of justice (are more intelligent):-), we thought they might like to help. Please do not reply here, send net mail or call my BBS. Thanks. Waco call to action: After what happened in Waco I was so depressed that I went for long ride at 2:00 Am. While driving, I tuned into a local (Albuquerque, NM) radio station (77 KOB). It was a talk show program. The host Chuck Dwsen start the program by talking about the Waco incident. He called it "Waco call to action." He seemed to have a lot of first hand information and was as upset as I was about it. He invited his audience to join him for breakfast at 6:30 Am on Saturday April 24. I got so interested on what he was talking about that I decided to go to that breakfast meeting. It was in that meeting that I decided to avail my BBS to be used to spread this message as wide as possible. I set up an echo called WACO for this purpose. We just want an independent investigation on this matter and answers to the thirty nine questions we have. These questions are: > The Raid > > 1. What was the basis of planning an attack on the residents in > Waco five months ahead of time and including the media? > > 2. What was the evidence given to obtain warrants, and the scope of > the warrant? > > 3. Was there evidence of child abuse prior to the attack and what > was it? > > 4. Who and why was the decision made not to collect koresh away > from the ranch? > > 5. Is it a coincidence that the media was to witness this event in > force at budget hearing time? > > 6. Is it true that the ATF was informed in the staging area that > the element of surprise was gone and that the mission depended on > the element of surprise? > > 7. Is it true that ATF recon helicopters took fire prior to the > attack? > > 8. Why has the video tape of the raid been suppressed? > > 9. What are the sequence of events from the staging area to the > first bullets fired? > > 10. How much friendly fire resulted in injury and when? > > 11. Was indiscriminate fire subjected to the building in the blind > by officers or field equipment? And if so why was this a policy > with possible hostages and children inside? > > 12. Why was their no back up or retreat plan available for > officers? > > 13. Is it true that Koresh could have killed many officers but > ceased fire? > > 14. What kind of fire was the ATF subjected to during the actual > raid? > > 15. After the retreat why was the FBI placed in charge versus Texas > Rangers? > > The stand off > > 1. Who authorized the mis information campaign such as: there was a > dope factory inside the ranch, Korech wanted suicide for all when > the listening devices contradict this, rockets and full automatic > machine guns were used, etc. ? > > 2. Why did the FBI peruse a course of trickery, denial, and macho > statements toward the residents? > > 3. Who ruled out the use of Mediators early on in the stand off? > > 4. Why was the residents cut off from the outside world? > > 5. Why were family members of the residents not allowed to exercise > every effort? > > 6. Why was the 55 min. tape not broadcast as requested by Koresh > nationwide? > > 7. Why was the evidence scene cleaned up? > > 8. What is the basis for the use of sleep depravation, animal > sacrifice sounds? > > 9. Why was food water and sanitary conditions made worse on the > children inside by the FBI? > > 10. Who's decision was it to parade the people who left the stand > off in worse light (prisoners)? > > The Last Assault > > 1. Who told the Atty. General that the FBI was worn down and had no > back-up crew so the time was to make a move? > > 2. Who at the FBI told the AG that they had started "beating the > babies" and what was the evidence? > > 3. Who choose to change the gas plan in mid-operation and instead > begin the demolition of the ranch, and why? > > 4. What was the reason to cut off communication (phone) during the > operation ? > > 5. Why was the fire department taken off alert the day before the > operation with the FBI on go status from the AG? > > 6. Why was there no direct link to fire officials and 911 had to be > used? > > 7. Why was there no attempt to demolish the room where the children > were when the fire broke out? > > 8. Why no rescue of fire abatement attempts by government officials > to save hostages or children? > > 9. Why did government officials wait until the ranch was totally > engulfed by fire to call for assistance (28 mins)? > > 10. Why did so called snipers who saw fire starters not shoot them > and begin a rescue of children and hostages? > > 11. Is it possible or true that the fire was caused by a tank > assault on the building and vented by the holes and wind? > > 12. Why did the FBI report that the first survivors had confessed > to starting the fire? > > 13. Why did the FBI used CS gas (which is banned for use in the > army), not tear gas? > > 14. Why is not the copy of the video tape master of the intial raid > available in full? Find address/phones of your representatives and send a letter with the questions above and demand an independent investigation be done about what happened in Waco. Tell them you want a satisfactory answer for these legit questions and you will not go away until you are satisfied, and you will not be satisfied until you get what you demanded. Here is some important information (these are compiled for people in NM, just found the numbers for the same people in your state): > SUBJ: WACO ACTION NUMBERS > > FROM CHUCK DAWSON OF CORRALES NEW MEXICO:33N FELICE PEREA RD BOX > 2480 (505) 898-9370 FAX 898-9372 CORRALES NM 87058 > ___________________________________________________________________________ > _ Waco call to action the Chuck Dawson program 770 KOB 2am to 5am Insist on > an independent investigation of the questions surrounding the Waco > incidents. Currently there are three investigations: The Texas rangers -- > they report to the Justice Dept. and FBI; Congressman Don Edward's, a > former FBI Senator, and Arlen Spector a former FBI. We need independent > counsel and special investigator to answer the questions: Have your > Representatives and Senators demand answers to the questions. The President > 202-456-1414, comment line is: 456-1111 Fax IS: 456-2461 1600 Pennsylvania > Ave NW Wash DC 20500 The AG (JANET RENO) 202-514-2000, Fax 514-4371 > Constitution and 10th Wash DC 20530 Senator Bingaman 505-766-3636 Fax > 766-2482 Senator Dominici 505-766-3481 Fax 202-224-7371 Congressman: > Richardson 505-988-7230 Schiff 505-766-2538 Skeen 505-622-0055 An on-going discussion is going on in the WACO echo in my BBS. I encourage those who are interested in this matter, and would like to get the latest information about what is going on, to pick up this echo from me. This echo can become an spearhead to push this to an independent investigation and disclosure of the whole truth. The Waco incident by itself might be an isolated case, but the erosion of the rights of our citizens has been occuring for some time. We have to stand for accountability of our law enforcement establishment, who use our tax dollars, on some point. Waco is as good as any other case. For a feed of this echo and more information, you can contact me, Joseph Emmanuel, at the node number 1:301/4, or call my BBS at 505 891-3840. We encourage you to post these two message in as many other echoes, (where it has not been already posted), net works, etc. Disclaimer: I have no connection whatsoever to the Davidian branch in Waco or any other branches of that organization. -Joseph


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