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From: Paul Feonic To: All Dec-03-93 11:54:02 Subject: Vote 1. Recently received an election pamphlet from a national Xn party, "Call To Australia". (Headed by the all-purpose joke, but painfully real, Rev. Fred Nile.) Interesting how they mix standard vote-getting (Tough on crime, improve education etc etc) with their moralising (Anti-Abortion, anti-sex, women in the kitchen, etc etc.) But what's especially interesting is the way they word issues so people can read it and say "Well if we were forcing women out of work, that'd be wrong, this is just giving them the choice..." At the top is an Australian flag, the letters CTA in a map of Australia, "Defend our Nation!" "Protect our Constitution!" "Vote 1 The Christian Alternative" "Don't wait until it's too late! Do something positive today!" (Like throwing this crap away?) GETTING TOUGH ON CRIME * Where the sentence for murder is life, life will MEAN life - not the current prison with parole. (Never works, but everyone usually agrees. Makes I good attention getter "Hey, these religious nutters are talking my language.") * Higher minimum sentences without parole for rape and all other violent offenders. (Rape is the only crime named, people automatically agree. But then they throw in "Other violent offenders" which could be anything they don't approve of.) * Putting the rights of the victim before those of the criminal. (That one is a beauty. You can't fail to agree. Because it assumes the accused is guilty (Logical fallacy known as "Begging the question"). If you have this kind of legal system, you only realise it's wrong when you're falsely accused and have no rights.) * Real moral backing and proper funding for the Police. (Reads as if they're saying "Community support and increased resources", but of course they mean moralistic laws. While proper funding could mean _anything_. Basically they're calling for Xn Nazis.) HEALTH CARE FOR ALL * Quality, affordable health care for all. (Like above, they put something you _have_ to agree with first. "Hey, these religious nutters aren't so bad." But they don't say _how_.) * People before profit in our health system. (Awww, isn't that nice. But the health system doesn't make a profit, it's running at a huge loss.) * Returning control of our public hospitals to locally elected Community trusts. (Return? They never had it. And you mean _my_ neighbours controlling _my_ healthcare? ) * Making AIDS a notifiable disease. (They say that doctors can still work, patients can still get treatment. But we all know what would _really_ happen. "Hey Jew, where's your star?") EDUCATION - CHOICE AND EXCELLENCE * Promotion of the family and traditional values. (Sounds nice, but means bible study in public schools, and teaching kids to hate fags, other religions, and women.) * Real choice of education by tax relief for private education equal to the State spending per child. (Tax money to pay church run schools which are already tax free. Oh joy.) * Optional use of corporal punishment in schools. (Except it becomes mandatory. The "Option" is for the parent to book an interview with the headmaster and make their case, then the headmaster floods them with (religious) studies showing how better-adjusted kids are when regularly beaten.) GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE * CIR (Citizen Initiated Referendums) to keep the politicians honest. (Actually I like these. Combined with CIE's (CI-Elections) However, I know it only works in a country with top education, and that there's a growing moralistic movement in Oz which combined with CIR's scares me.) * Parliamentary Reform so that MP's behave responsibly. (Love the details.) (Second page) THE ONLY PRO-LIFE PARTY * Legal protection for the unborn child[sic] from conception. (Banning abortions, letting young girls bleed to death in the backyard clinics again.) * Caring for the aged and opposing euthanasia. (So much for freedom of choice.) DEFENDING OUR FAMILIES * Tough new laws to stop pornography. (That's funny, XXX is illegal in this state already. Gee, what can they mean? Basic Instinct, Madonna, BBSes, T&A mags...) * Removing excessive violence from TV and videos. (Not to mention values which don't accord with bible-teaching. At least, bible-teaching as interpreted by the Rev. Fred Nile...) * Preventing the promotion of abnormal[sic] sexual lifestyles. Eg. Homosexuality and paedophilia. (That the way, always arbitrarily group those two together; never fails. Kill the faggots for Christ!) FULL EMPLOYMENT A PRIORITY * Community work in return for welfare support. (At 11% unemployment means slave labour of the poor. Not to mention putting anyone who is already in "Community work" out of business, on the dole, and into the new slavery. Neat.) * No dole to those who don't want to work. (Or those who are unable...) * Long term strategy to support small business and the family farm to provide jobs and economic growth. (Nice and general. I haven't a clue what they mean by "Long term strategy", and I bet they don't either.) * Reducing taxation compliance costs for small business. (Making tax fraud acceptable again.) RECOGNISING THE (slave) VALUE OF MOTHERS (You ready for this?) * Taxation reform that respects a mother's choice to work within the family rather than be forced out to work. (Lovely emotive language. Forced out _of_ work is apparently okay.) This will create many new job opportunities for currently unemployed breadwinners. (Breadwinners, of course, meaning men. Because it's un-Xn for women to work while men cook/clean and look after the family. Working women might realise they're more than chattel.) DECENT HOUSING FOR ALL * Essential for family stability and security * Specific Government assistance to those in need. (Like putting the Tough On Crime at the beginning, you put Support To Those In Need at the end so people come away feeling warm an gooey inside. "Gosh, these religious nutters sure have got their hearts in the right place".) Overall it's well done. Exactly the right emotive language to make it easier to hold intolerant views. Just enough easy-to-support proposals to make the harder-to-support intolerance easier to swallow. Nix. ... Someone Does Presume A Great Deal To Know The Mind Of A God -- F Rice. --- Blue Wave/Opus v2.12 * Origin: The Phone Box BBS ! - [Line 1] - Adelaide OZ! (3:800/854.0)


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