The following ignorance was published in the Edmonton Sunday Sun and represents the views

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The following ignorance was published in the Edmonton Sunday Sun and represents the views of a prominent fascist Canadian of right-wing persausions. It seems timely so I thought some of you might find food for thought from it. Violent Nature Normal For Boys The real enemy, said the feminists of the 1960's, is man. Through patriachy and patriarchal religion, he has enslaved the woman. Escaping bondage means escaping man. The real enemy, said the feminists of the 1970's and 80's, is the child. The child is the means by which man enslaved woman. Escaping bondage, therefore, means escaping the child. The real enemy, say the feminists of the 90's, is nature itself. Escaping bondage means changing nature. The first endeavor, escaping man, was difficult though possible, and the attack on the traditional family was the result of it. The second, escaping the child, was even more difficult, and the demand for easy access to abortion and state-reared children was the result. The final goal, escaping nature, is plainly impossible, but the attempt is nevertheless being made. We saw the latest Canadian instance of it last week in the report of Quebec's SOW, meaning the province's Status of Women Lobby. The "scourge of violence" against women, said an SOW report, has now become so appalling that a "concerted, coherent and sustained" effort must be launched against it. They urged all the usual things - more shelters, a crackdown on "harassment" under the human rights law rather than the Criminal Code (because, of course, the commissions needn't bother with the traditional protection afforded defendants), vigorous prosecution of husbands whose wives accuse them of abuse, etc. But the main effort, said SOW, must be directed at children. Sexual equality must be taught from pre-kindergarten through high school. Promoting non-violence must begin in day-care centres and "become an integral part of education." Now how, you wonder, are you going to "promote non-violence" among little boys? The problem is that, unlike little girls, violence seems to be a part of their nature. Indeed, it's part of the nature of all male animals. Fighting with one another, physically challenging one another, clobbering one another, is something nearly all little boys do, always have done, and always will be prone to do. So how do you somehow abolish this instinct? The answer has always been that you separate the boys from the girls, and you give the boys violent games to play, but always according to the rules. "Playing the game" becomes an important moral imperative with them. Bash, race, fight, yes, but always according to the rules. They are also introduced to an ethic that is embraced by the sentence: "Don't hit girls." They are taught from the beginning, that is, that girls are different, and should be protected against the kind of violence of which they know the male is altogether capable. But the difficulty in all this for the feminists lies in the segregation. They don't want the boys separated and directed into violent pursuits that concur with their nature. They want both sexes treated "equally" meaning the same. Nor do they want them taught to "protect" the other sex because would mean that the other sex is inferior. Rather, say the feminists, they must be kept with the girls, and raised to abhor violence of all manner and kind. And this, no doubt, is what we can soon expect to see unleashed within the school system, which seems particularly vulnerable to feminist influence. So what will happen? Will little boys become more like little girls? Will they stop playing with toy firearms and begin playing with toy babies instead? Will they become "less violent?" No, they will not. What they will do is become surly, rebellious, hard to control and psychological mess. Soon they will be bashing worse than they ever have. And as they grow older, rather than becoming less "violent," they will become far more violent. More of them will become rapists and wife-beaters. What SOW will have accomplished, is profound and permanent damage to thousands of children. That's because you can't change nature. But you can pervert and corrupt nature. And when you do that, little boys can grow up to become large monsters. Ted Byfield at large


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