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From: Charles Sumner To: All May-19-94 19:43:32 Subject: Religion in Schools * Original Message Posted via CHURCH&STATE * Date: 17 May 94 17:14:00 * From: Charles Sumner @ 1:2613/240 * To: All * Forwarded by: Christopher Baker @ 1:374/14 * Message text was not edited! @PID: RA 2.01 22695 @MSGID: 1:2613/240 537798ea Religion in the Schools Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ, a name apparently chosen to be confused with the ACLU) has been flooding letters to the more than 15,000 local public school superintendents urging them to ignore or be lax in applying the church-state separation principle in their schools. In response, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has distributed a new legal bulletin to the superintendents and has produced a 35-minute video titled "America's Constitutional Heritage: Religion and Our Public Schools." The video is a direct response to a video, "America's Godly heritage," being distributed by a fundamentalist group. The legal bulletin, "The Establishment Clause and Public Schools," was prepared by the ACLU legal staff to help school administrators who are being pressured to permit graduation prayers, Bible distribution in public schools, religious displays, and religious holiday observances. The video, narrated by the Rev. W. W. Finlator, a North Carolina Baptist minister, features the stories of several courageous families who challenged improper religious practices in their public schools. The ACLU video may be ordered for $20 from ACLU Dept. L, P.O. Box 794, Medford, NY 11763. The video is a useful supplement to ARL's book Religion and Public Education: Common Sense and the Law. From "Voice of Reason" Fall 1994, published by Americans for Religious Liberty, P.O. Box 6656, Silver Spring, MD 20916.---


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