To: Don Geser Oct-09-93 08:41:26 Subject: We really don'

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From: Marty Leipzig To: Don Geser Oct-09-93 08:41:26 Subject: We really don't need this!! So there. Don Geser, who thinks fumaroles are a real gas, said to All: DG> After reading assorted posts on this echo I've decided to drop DG> it from my system. Why you ask? Continuing to argue with people, DG> trying to convince them to accept Jesus Christ is a job we're not [various gargling and dental gnashings deleted for brevity] DG> arguing and bring Christ to those people with open hearts and willing DG> minds. Rid yourself of this. We're wasting God's time here. The analogy of "heat" and "kitchens" comes to mind... Such a impuissant defense of their own personal savior and cosmic foreman. Truly, a classical case of theological de-evolution. Time was, Xtians would gladly face largish feline carnivores, preach before heretics and infidels, and risk the wrath of "wrongthinkers" to make their hackneyed and timeworn messages known "to all living creatures". Now, instead of facing the throng wrapped in their assumed (though ill-fitting) mantle of piety and righteousness; instead of sticking around and taking their lumps, they turn at the first sign of adversity, tuck their tales between their legs and scurry off to immerse their heads in the warm, comforting sands of Genesis. "Onward Xtain soldiers" the Iraqi army. DG> Don Geser DG> New Life Bible Church DG> Youth Pastor Yo, Don. Watch that doorknob...***WHOMP*** ... Find Jesus? I didn't know he was lost. Try under the sofa.


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