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=================================================================== * Forwarded by Steve Quarrella (1:124/9005) * Area : ULC_MINISTERS (ULC_MINISTERS) * From : Alan Jennings, 1:3800/6 (Saturni dies November 13 1993 19:54) * To : All * Subj : Report on the 1993 Fall General Assembly in Modesto =================================================================== The Diocese of Baton Rouge (Archdiocese of Louisiana) Universal Life Church was represented at the Fall General Assembly at ULC World Headquarters in Modesto again this year by me and and the Rev. Hartwell Harris. The Annual convocation began at 10AM on Saturday, November 7. There were three meetings this year; two on Saturday, and one on Sunday. During the convention, I made a report of the activities of the Diocese. The following ministries and projects were reviewed: The Diocese of Baton Rouge, The Archdiocese of Louisiana, the Archdiocese of Cyberspace, the Universal Seafarers Mission, the Universal Ecclesiastical Court, the Baton Rouge Bureau of the Universal Life Press, CompuChurch, the Celebration of Marriage Ministry, and the Church of Elvis. In addition to the Diocese activities, I presented a short sermon on the topic of Humanism and the ministry of Jesus. The convocation was, as usual, an eclectic assembly of many different beliefs and ideals. All the while, the theme of the New Universal Order advanced by Rev. Hensley was the general subject of discussion. The long-time policy of the open pulpit was maintained. Every minister was encouraged to "Come, share your important message with us." Several dynamic speakers emerged from the assembly and gave all the benefit of their wisdom and experience. During the convention, we (Hartwell and I) had the honor of again meeting with several of the members of the Church Board, who gave a good report on the progress he Church has made in its ordeal with the IRS. A very special occasion for me this year was when I ordained Rev. Kirby Hensley's grandson James on Sunday Morning just before the final meeting of the session. James then shared his personal message at the pulpit, and told the congregation how proud he was of his "grandpa." He said, "He's helped a lot of people, and he's made a lot of people mad. And I am very proud of my grandpa!" I was very proud, too. Proud of the opportunity to be active in the work of the Universal Life Church. -+- + Origin: Grab it and HOLD ON! (1:3800/6) ==================================================================== Salue, All! Thought that these would be of interest to my fellow ULC ministers here. :) Posted with permission of Alan Jennings (Look, Alan! Soon they'll be saying "He's YOUR Master!" ROFL!). =================================================================== * Forwarded by Steve Quarrella (1:124/9005) * Area : ULC_MINISTERS (ULC_MINISTERS) * From : Alan Jennings, 1:3800/6 (Saturni dies November 13 1993 19:59) * To : All * Subj : Sidenotes ==================================================================== As a sidenote, Rev. Hensley and I had the opportunity to visit before we left Modesto on Sunday. He advised me that he would be interested in coming to Baton Rouge next spring to meet with our congregation. Further, he wishes to meet with Jimmy Swaggart. He feels that he can show him some scripture that would help him. That, my friends, (IMHO) is "Faith" and "Hope" to an extraordinary degree. :-) -+- + Origin: CompuChurch 504-927-4509 (1:3800/6) ================================================================


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