Subject: nothing important Date: 6 Aug 91 06:58:57 GMT I was just looking around the offic

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Path: ncsuvm!taco!mcnc!uvaarpa!!udel!wupost!!utgpu!watserv1!imprint From: (IMPRINT -- UW's Student Newspaper) Newsgroups: alt.atheism Subject: nothing important Message-ID: <> Date: 6 Aug 91 06:58:57 GMT Distribution: alt Organization: University of Waterloo Lines: 40 I was just looking around the office tonight, and I found an old (1960-ish) copy of the student newspaper. Inside, there was a neat "joke" ad that could probably make a pretty cool T-shirt. So, if you're an entrepreneur and want to advertise your atheism, here's what the text is like: REWARD for information leading to the apprehension of: * * * \_____/ [picture of the holy dude] JESUS CHRIST Alias: Prince of Peace, Son of God, etc Dresses poorly, said to be a carpenter by trade, illnourished, has visionary dreams (may be on marijuna or LSD). Usually to be found among the unemployed and vagrant. Dangerous professional agitator. A communist. Red beard, scars on hands and feet as a result of former action taken by authorities and respectable citizens, long hair. This man is an enemy of the state. Any citizen providing information leading to his arrest will be well rewarded. ----------------------------------------------- I know there are T-shirts of similar format with public figures one them (I have one with Brian Mulroney, for instance), but I haven't seen anything like the above. Someone could probably make some money from it. Just a thought...


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