To: Joe Savelli 26-May-93 04:43pm Subject: Re: A 'debate...' JS> Steve, the ma

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From: Steve Quarrella To: Joe Savelli 26-May-93 04:43pm Subject: Re: A "debate..." JS> Steve, the man in Florida who committed murder was not a JS> Christian, Funny. He SAID he was a Christian. He even plans to use the Bible for his defense. Imagine that. Frankly, I hope he gets the death sentence so we make an example out of him for those who feel that they can [literally] get away with murder and claim superstition as a defense. Of course, what'll end up happening is that your and my tax dollars will end up paying for this guy to sit in prison until he's paroled in two months. When will Fundamentalists learn that a Bible is not a carte blanche to do whatever you please? You want to take the country for Jesus? Hey man, come and get it. Come on and dance with the Devil. Die for what you believe in. You want to shoot, let's shoot. As long as I die yanking your eyes out, I'll go to Valhalla. That's all that matters. JS> was simply a man who committed an evil act and JS> whoneeds to be healed. A sick man indeed. Yes, like I said. He was a True Christian. He decided that he could act as his God's agent here on earth and judge this guy and pass sentence on him. More True Christianity, just like Ralph Stokes here in this very echo. JS> You are the typical JS> critic of Christian views by citing what you think are JS> Christians who committ evil and speak evil of Christian JS> doctrine because of it. No, I speak evil of poor Christians who are poor human beings, and I see some of these people as a threat to non-Christians. I just think your doctrine is -silly-, although great evil comes from interpretation of that doctrine. You believe what you want to believe, but you WILL leave me out of it. If only there were more typical critics out there who would tell you that we're tired of your bullshit. JS> You lack understanding of the Bible as JS> well as the doctrine that it teaches. That is an ignorant statement. I lack understanding of YOUR INTERPRETATION of the Bible. Frankly, I don't want to understand your interpretation. You be hateful to your heart's content, just leave others out of it. Even LaVey's Satanic Church has the tenet of "Do what thou wilt, so long as you harm none." You might learn a few things by taking a cue from them. JS> What I had said in the JS> previous messages has all been true. granted that religious JS> persecution does not occur everywhere in the U.S. or the world. When "they" come for the Satanists, will you stand up and holler that they are being persecuted for their religious beliefs?


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