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Thyagi Morgoth NagaSiva FOR SERIOUS READERS ONLY _______________________________________________________ NEWELLIN GNU TYMZ, 9304.10 e.v. Special Edition ======================================================= Your Spiritual Search Is about to Be Fulfilled.... ======================================================= YES, now YOU CAN _heal_ *your* ADDICTION to _Magical Aromatherapy_ Toilets are altars to the white Goddess of Porcelain, the Queen of Cleanliness. Choosing the newest models, testing them out for comfort, durability and decor, pissing in magical mindframes: these are the secrets of _TOILET MAGIC_, a new book by Scott Cunning. It reveals age-old methods of changing reality through sanitary means! Though such exotic vacation squats as Buckingham Palace and Volcanic Hawaii are included in this book, you'll find many old friends: Unisex recreation models. Lobotomy Plunger Rituals. The 'ins and outs' of anal sex with diarrhea. You've wondered about these things for years, but until you're aware of the power of toiletries, they do little more than serve as a monument to your waste. In _TOILET MAGIC_, you'll learn the mystic qualities of toilet bowl cleansers, their purchase, use and disposal. Scott has included numerous magical plastic apron designs, for those dingy days. --------------------------------------------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "WASH AWAY YOUR WORRIES" Use these secrets to enhance @ Health @ Spirituality @ Sex @ Digestion @ Love @ Sleep @ World Politics @ Prosperity and more! Cunning began exploring magical qualities in bathrooms in 1974. Since then he has continued to discover the hidden energies in toilets of all kinds. _TOILET MAGIC_, the product of 18 years of research and experimentation, is Cunning's 18th book for Newellin PubLICKations. It was written with the premise that all aspects of nature and our daily lives are suffused with magic, and that we can consciously work with the energies that exist around us to magically transform our lives. You can use this book to make every urination a libation to the Gods! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **** SCOTT CUNNING RETURNS -- -- WITH HIS _BEST_ BOOK EVER! **** @ Do color dispensors subtlely shift the nature of your magic? (page 666) @ Warning! That used napkin could lead to a pressure imbalance. (page 59) Don't worry! Although the Cone of Paper and the Handle of Doom are discussed, Scott infuses his cosmic wisdom throughout the book. Warnings and precautions are given - he even tells you about the dangerous Plumber's Rite, the once scandalous 'Uranus Over Ice.' @ Is a wooden seat Druidic? (page 42) @ Does forced vomiting seal a powerful spell of banishing? (page 8) @ Return to meetings with greater zest and endurance. (page 93) @ The Eddas of the Holy Toile. (page 333) @ Group elimination can make you powerful! (page 6996) Draught cycles and household body weight are taken into account. As long as you follow Scott's advice, you won't have to worry about regularity, flatulence, or hemorrhoids. All you will feel is the magical effect of the toilet improving your life in EVERY way!! ############################### FLUSH BAD LUCK OUT OF YOUR LIFE ############################### TTT OO I L EEE TTT M M A GG I CCC T OO I L EE T MMM AAA G g I C T OO I LL EEE T M M A A GGG I CCC, By SCOTT CUNNING _TOILET MAGIC_ can bring you clearer thinking, relief, relaxation power over addictions, and the ability to change the course of mighty rivers with your bare hands. Why not get the most out of your bathroom?? Get _TOILET MAGIC_ and flush your way to happiness! %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Paid for by Newellin Tymz. Any resemblance between persons mentioned herein and anyone living OR DEAD is surely coincidental. All rights reserved. Reg. US. Pat. Off. Copyrite 9304.10 e.v. USDA PRIME. MM BB MP LSD CIA BFD PCP QBLH FBI WHO KKK QWERTY DOREMIFASOLATIDO (send)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Your Internet Newellin Contact: Thyagi NagaSiva, heretic


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