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From: Richard Quick To: All Oct-29-93 22:59:00 Subject: god... God appeared to me the other day. I don't know if you know, but god frequently appears in my holey toilet brush to ask my advice on the state of the universe. Anyway it had been a hard day at work. I had Burger King for lunch, and the onion rings really make me fart. They were kicking in pretty good when I got home, so I headed for the bathroom upstairs. Now the holey toilet brush hangs on the tidy bowl altar under the sink. Mr. Clean, and the tidy bowl boat man complete the holey trinity. I know the toilet brush is holey, because it has a hole right in the middle. But back to this historical recounting. The holey toilet brush began to burn. More like a glow, but it is never consumed, and there is no smoke, just a strong odor. Having read the bible, I know this is the god Moses supposes, besides my computer emits the same smell when Ron Stringfellow's E-Mail come up on my screen. Anyway, I knew god was comming, so I squeezed off a big one to cover up the smell. But the King of Burgers (even with large onion rings) was weak compared to god. God and I chatted for a minute about the Sports Illustrated bikini issue in my lap, and I dropped a rock hard golf ball, which means I have to lay off the white bread. Then god told me about the second comming. _PLOP!_ a boat anchor dropped and I was splashed. Then god told me about the great flood. I reached for a virgin hole, er, roll, as I knew it was getting deep, besides my ass was wet. God explained the meaning of life, man's future, Mr. Clean, and the tidy bowl boat man. He was grateful for my advice on a number of issues (mainly bikini issues). When god had left, I closed the cabinet, and opened the window. But gods word was not heeded by me and I paid the price. The boat anchor (big enough to stop Noahs arc) and the virgin role, (which was no longer virginal) started the great flood!!! Now I will never doubt the word of god again. P.S. God told me to tell you that all toilet bowl brushes with holes in them are holey. They must be hung bristle down or it is a sign from Satan. ... Bible: Fish wrapper with persistent smell. ___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12 --- WM v3.01/93-0100 * Origin: St. Louis Users Group BBS <> (314) 878-7614 (1:100/4.0)


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