All Going to Hell (what to bring?) Hi, everyone! Since I'm going to hell, I've been wonder

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All Going to Hell (what to bring?) Hi, everyone! Since I'm going to hell, I've been wondering just what to pack for the trip. One can't plan too much for a trip that will last an eternity, I always say! There are several things I'm sure hell already has that I won't need to bring with me, such as matches, Catholic priests, entire Assemblies of God congregations, sulfur, brimstone, and summer-wear. But what to bring? Hummm. Here's my list--- I'd like to see what YOU all plan on taking. BOOKS What Hell Already Has Every book Shirley McClain ever wrote The Holy Bible The Children's Book of Bible Stories (15,000 pages) The complete works of Carl Sagan What To Bring Dante's "Inferno" Coma Sutra Anything by Asimov Anything by Voltaire MUSIC What Hell Already Has Theme song from the T.V. show "Jeopardy" All of the songs from "The Sound of Music" movie Anything by Neil Sadaka "The Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott-Key Anything by The BeeGees "Like a Virgin" by Madonna "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" Theme song to "The Brady Bunch" What To Bring Everything by Reba McEntire, Emmylou Harris, Kathy Mataya "I saw God on the 405 freeway" by Mother Nature's Army Everything by Carley Simon, Nancy Griffith, Kate Wolf FOOD What Hell Already Has Coors beer Rice and Beans What To Bring Diet Coke Tofu Pizza COMPANY Who Hell Already Has Jerry Falwell Ron Stringfellow Charles Darwin Ralph Stokes Madonna Steve Winter Pat Robertson Isaac Asimov Who To Bring Stephen Hawking The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders Einstein Edward Abby S. R. Donaldson (Thomas Covenant books) Steven King Mark Twain Doctor Ruth HARDWARE What Hell Already Has TRS-80 16k, cassette tape save / restore media, faulty cables 300 baud modem What To Bring Compaq 80486i/66 super VGA, five gigabytes hard disk, 32M RAM US Robotics duel-standard HS modem T1 dedicated dark fiber optic phone line for HOLYSMOKE feed --- David Rice


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