From William Brown to Steve Bedard: SB> Correct! And I would take that further to say if

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From William Brown to Steve Bedard: SB> Correct! And I would take that further to say if there is SB> no proof that something does not exist, saying that it does SB> is not lying. But it doesn't *prove* that it does exist. Take the example from your message to me, earlier-- the question of life on mars-- For clairity of subject, let's change the planet to Titan- a satellite of Saturn, of which we know next to nothing about the exisitance of life there (other than there being a dense atmosphere, apprx. 1G enviroment, and known hydrocarbon compounds- of which you and I are made). We have no proof that life exsists on Titan. The question is still up in the air. Yet, what would you say if I insisted that there *was* life on Titan? And that not only was there life on titan, but it was intelligent life. And this intelligent life had spoken to mankind ages ago, giving us all we needed to know about ethics, morality, ect.. In fact, these Titanites *created* us- bioengineered our species- put us together so we'd have certain drives, needs, ect. And that these Titanites are coming back to judge us all, and those who are lacking are going to be killed. Oh, and just for good measure, I'm going to write the dictates of the Titanites into the law of the land- so my children won't be tempted by such as you to stray from their teaching. Honestly, Steve- what would you think of somebody on the street babbling that kind of garbage? Would you think he was disturbed? Would you think he was lying? There you see our point of view. You come to us babbling about this intelligence- "somewhere out in the spiritual realm" (for which there is no proof); You (arbitrarily) pick one book of the thousands (millions) devoted to the subject of said intelligence (which also just happens to be the book that's most accepted in the land of your birth), claim for its inerrancy in describing the mind/rules/love of said entity (except in the cases where it deviates so far from reality that *even* *you* can see that "it just ain't so"- whereupon you resort to saying that it is just allegory-- i.e. "The pilliars of the Heavens" in Job, ect.-- but you still don't see the basic inconsistancy in the "biblical infallability" stance); You as much as *demand* that the precepts taught in your book be accepted as a code of conduct for *all* *of* *us*; And you become very irate if challenged. Think about how you would feel about the guy who follows the Titanites. And then think about living in a world where the "Titinitians" have made their rules and regulations the law of the land. For example, maybe they try to pick your wife for you (just as obnoxious and intrusive into your personal sex life as your sodomy laws, fornication laws, ect.). Consider.


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