Kelsey Bjarnason Here's one related to me by an acquaintance, in regards to the (as I reca

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Kelsey Bjarnason Here's one related to me by an acquaintance, in regards to the (as I recall) Morons. One fine afternoon, two of them came knocking at the door. Ken, being the generally convivial sort that he is, invited them in. They sat down in the kitchen, where the morons started pulling out bibles, books, pamphlets, and other assorted implements of destruction. Ken, meanwhile, had put the coffee on. After some 5 or 10 minutes of small-talk, the coffee was ready, and Ken offered them a cup. They politely declined, upon which Ken asked them, "Well, how about a beer?" "Do you believe in God?" came the inevitable question. "Oh, of course. All my fellow members of the Flat Earth Society do." More pained expressions, and some hurried whispers and querulous expressions ensued. One was distinctly overheard saying, "Does he really believe the Earth is flat?" After three hours of attempts at conversion, the two now-exhausted Bible thumpers rose to leave. "One moment, please," said Ken. "I have listened to you for the last three hours. I have listened carefully, and treated you with the respect you deserve. Now I ask you whether you are willing to grant me the same respect?" "Oh, certainly. What can we do for you?" "You can sit there and listen while I speak MY point of view. You see, I'm a Satanist." Which he proceeded to do for the next three hours. In the several years since, many door-knocking Bible bandits have been seen roaming the neighbourhood, yet not a one has ventured up his driveway.


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