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From: Donna. To: All Msg #183, Aug-13-93 10:57AM Subject: Thought Experiment: SWI This is a thought experiment on the subject of "Sex While Intoxicated: Seduction or Rape?" This particular thought experiment is designed to help you hone in on your own thoughts, reactions, and attitudes on the subject; since the primary purpose is self-understanding, participation in this experiment is 100% voluntary and as private as you, the reader, wish to keep it. IOW, there is no quiz at the end. If you'd like to try it, pause the reading of this message and set yourself up to take notes =as you read= the following story. Doesn't matter whether you use pen(cil) and paper or a notepad you can multitask with, or even if you print this message out and take notes on another sheet of paper while you read it away from the computer. (Writing in the margins of a printout is discouraged because that will limit your available writing space.) The idea is to be able to write down, free-form, any thoughts that come to you as you're reading it, so as to later analyze impressions you formed while reading it. ==================================== A and B work for the same company, different divisions, have only recently met by happenstance and have decided to go out on a date. Both of them are fairly young and relatively inexperienced in the world of adult relationships, but they are both of legal majority. A drives on the date; it's while making arrangements for this date that they learn they live less than a mile away from each other. The date ends in a pub that's in their neighborhood. Shortly before leaving, A contemplates "one for the road", thinks "there's enough time to get B home then drive home myself before this last drink kicks in", and has that last drink. Just outside B's door, they sit and continue the conversation that's been raging ever since this date started. By the time B gets out of the car to go inside, A realizes that they've dallied too long; that last hit of alcohol is coursing through A's bloodstream and driving home is definitely no longer an option. A goes to park the car, planning to sleep off the booze in the car. Before B actually makes it inside the apartment door, B notices A parking the car. B walks back out to the car, and finds out what's on A's mind. B offers the use of the couch in B's living room as a crash spot. A declines. B insists. A declines a second time. B insists again, this time pointing out how cold it is outside and how it's really silly to suffer that cold when a perfectly good couch is available inside where it's warm. A thinks it over (as well as A can think, obviously) and then agrees. When they get inside B's apartment, A sees that B does not have a couch. In fact, B has little furniture at all. B looks around and suggests that the roommate they'd been discussing earlier in the evening -- the one who'd recently moved out -- apparently came by during the evening and cleaned out the place. A starts to sink to the floor, figuring that a warm floor is still better than a cold car, while B goes off to B's bedroom. A is nearly asleep when B comes out to the living room and says that the floor can't possibly be comfortable, that A can share B's bed. At the mention of the word "bed", A protests, stating that that would be even more wrong than what's already happened. B says that A couldn't possibly get a good night's sleep on the floor. A protests again, B insists again, and this is repeated a few more times. Somewhere in the middle of it the explicit mention of sex is made, A states that sex is not to happen that night, B insists there won't be any. A finally gives in and allows A-self to be led into the bedroom. A flops onto the bed fully clothed, but the same pattern that happened re: sleeping in the car and then sleeping on the floor went around again re: getting undressed and then having sex. Nearly =three hours= had elapsed since B first came out to see why A was parking the car. A finally consented because the mix of fatigue and intoxication was just too strong for A to continue holding out against B, who (even after imbibing along with A) is clearly neither intoxicated nor sleepy but is definitely horny. End of story. ==================================== Another thought experiment. It's quite likely that most of those who read this story internally supplied "he" and/or "she" to the parties in this story. Anybody who read this story and did NOT make such an internal translation may not wish to bother with this second experiment. Those who did make such a translation are invited to take the following steps: . mark your first set of notes to identify what sex you assigned to A and what sex you assigned to B . start a new set of notes, switch A's sex, and re-read the story from top to bottom, again jotting down thoughts, impressions, reactions as you go along . start a third set of notes, this time switching B's sex, and run through the whole rigamarole for a third time . start a fourth set of notes, switching A's sex again, and do it for the last time. Ideally, each time through the story would be at least a day or two after the last time through the story, to better purge previous thoughts from the mind before running through it with a different combination of sexes for A and B. (If we were doing this in realtime, I'd have you wait a week or more between re-reads. Even better, this would be shown as a film in which the actors said and did exactly the same things all four times, giving you actual dialogue to go by, with nothing but the sex of the actors changing from act to act.) I reiterate, and will reiterate yet again (is there an echo in here?) that I do NOT ask ANYbody to share any of these notes here or anywhere else. The whole purpose of the thought experiment is to help folks dig into their own minds, their own thought processes, and that kinda stuff ain't nobody else's business, period. Since the entire subject is topical for the echo, there's nothing wrong with sharing thoughts on it; I just don't want to give the impression that this is one of my usual "what does everybody here think" topics. --- ConfMail V4.00 * Origin: Home of the new WO/MEN echo (1:114/113.11)


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