To: All Msg #666, 12-Apr-93 01:48pm Subject: Geo'science' 'Researc

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From: Hector Plasmic To: All Msg #666, 12-Apr-93 01:48pm Subject: Geo"science" "Research" Institute Here's the scoop: The "Geoscience Research Institute" is located on the grounds of Loma Linda University but is _not_ (they were adamant about this) affiliated with LLU (contrary to Ronnie's claims) but _are_ affiliated with the 7th Day Adventists, who foot their bills. Some of the "researchers" in this group also teach at the university. Nope, Ronnie: theology, not science. LLU has no geology department and no plans to start one. The business of the GRI is, in their own words, "to find evidence supporting biblical creationism" (shoot arrow into wall, paint target around it) "and publish it." Their only real business appears to be selling videos and pamphlets; quite a sales pitch they give you toward the end. Dr. Roth, head of the "Institute," studies fossils and living coral reefs "looking for evidence of creation." Apparently Dr. Roth's "research" is limited to reading the data from the work of others; he doesn't do field work himself... Dr. Gibson "studies speciation before and after the flood." Again, he works from data supplied by others (read: real scientists). When asked if he'd found any hard evidence that showed there had indeed been a global flood, the relucant answer was "no." How can you study something that happened before and after an event you can't show happened? It's like studying the effects of Santa's sleigh on global weather patterns... Dr. Clawson "studies nuclear shell models." Translation: He attempts to disprove radioactive dating (their words, not mine). I was at first told he conducted experiments at accelerators around the country. After further probing, it turns out he actually only receives copies of reports on the experiments of others and comments on them... Dr. Kennedy digs in the Grand Canyon. No one seemed to know what she was digging for. She also prowled around Mt. St. Helens looking for trace elements (more attempts to disprove radioactive dating techniques). Since Dr. Clawson couldn't conduct any tests on her samples, one wonders why she bothered... GRI has not published in any scientific journals. GRI has not produced any scientific breakthroughs or uncovered any new facts. GRI has produced a lot of pamphlets and a video that won a Silver Screen award for best photography in a religious video (they didn't do the photography, but hired an outside firm). If this sounds like ICR, you're right. When I first called, I fed them a story about being a small town reporter researching a sidebar story. Instant stonewall; you could hear the bowels freezing at the word "reporter." GRI is scared shitless of reporters. Can anyone do a good Mike Wallace impression? :-) Called back at lunch (when I figured I'd get a different receptionist) and pretended to be a sympathetic fundy. Got the above information. Got on their mailing list to supposedly pick up introductory copies of their literature for free. I should get an Academy Award for my fundy impression. Just the right blend of conspiratorial innuendo and quick, mindless belief. "Digging" was done by asking questions for the purported purpose of putting off evolutionists ("if he says this, what can I say?"). In conclusion, if Ronnie claimed LLU had a geology department, he was wrong. If he claimed GRI was part of LLU, he was wrong (unless he meant only due to location -- watch him weasel) according to GRI itself. If he claimed GRI was doing any form of legitimate scientific research, he was wrong (unless he thinks "research" means reading scientific journals and picking out things to quote out of context). What else he might have had to claim, I dunno. GRI is just another religious group piddling around in psuedoscience trying to "prove" their religion to folks too stupid to read a science text instead of just the bible. --- Tear a new one * Origin: It wasn't lies. It was just bullshit, that's all. (1:380/16)


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