Michael A. Persinger, Normand J. Carrey, and Lynn Suess, _TM and Cult Mania_, The Christop

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Michael A. Persinger, Normand J. Carrey, and Lynn Suess, _TM and Cult Mania_, The Christopher Publishing Houes, North Quincy Mass., 1980. "Claims of the TM effects are neither unique nor special but are the consequences of procedures associated with suggestion, placebo reactions, simple relaxation, neurotic belief, and the mislabeling of vauge emotional experiences. In this book we investigate the precise psychological and social procedures by which this movement manipulates human behavior." p.7 Table of Contents: 1. Introduction TM: Trick or Treatment? How Will (TM) Believers Respond to This Book? 2. The TM Movement: "Same Stuff, Different Bag" TM-Like Movements: Symptoms of Social Change The Coue Treatment: Turn of the Century TM The Emergence of TM The TM Success 3. Flaws in the TM Experiments: A Critical Evaluation Failure to Control for Set Effects Failure to Control for Expectancy of Relief Failure to Control for Placebo/Suggestible-Prone Subjects TM is not a Unique STate of Consciousness The Mantra Is an Aritifact No Comparitors Solicited Testimonials The Fasces Method or "Drown 'Em With Data Approach" No Direct Verification The Biased Experimenter 4. All TM Effects Can Be Produced By Suggestibility/Placebo Conditions Misconceptions About Hypnosis as a Special State Personality Characteristics of Very Responsive People Factors Influencing "Hypnotic" Responses Comparison of TM and Hypnotic/Placebo Effects Are TM Adherents Just Highly Suggestible? TM Conditioning as Stages in Suggestibility 5. The TM Sell Job Proof by Numbers Proof by Affirmation The Einstein Sanction Proof by Television Proof by Lack of Disproof TM Teachers: Portrait of Pseudotherapists The Maharishi: Manipulator of Images 6. The TM Word Games Violation of Discourse Levels Simplicity as Profound Understanding The Use of Vague Terms Proof by Paired Questin-Answer Proof by Metaphor 7. TM as a REligion TM Trasition into Religion TM as a Protoreligion: From High School to Hinduism 8. The Neurotic Believer Syndrome and TM The Believer's Methods of Avoiding Madness New Self, No Anxiety Transitional Anxiety Unfortunate Consequences of Neurotic Believers in Cult Settings 9. TM: Trigger to the Psychotic Prone? The Problem of Psychosis TM: Philosophy and Psychosis Meditation and Psycholtic Triggering 10. Conclusion The Omnipotent Opiate Some First-order Proctections Against Cult Mania Things to Come Appendix: TM Data Pool Selected Bibliography


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