all testing God >>'Don't test the Lord your God' -- Holy Bible >Why not? Not to be a sma

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all testing God >>"Don't test the Lord your God" -- Holy Bible >Why not? Not to be a smartass, but what happens if you test God? >Does s/he refuse to comply? What? I tested God and I got: parameter symbol min max unit condition ------------------------- ------ --- --- ---- ----------- Transconductance gfs 500 uMHO Vds=20V Gate-Drain Breakdown Volt. BVgds 30 V Ig=1uA Saturation Drain Current Idss 0.2 1 mA Vds=20V Gate reverse current Igss 0.5 nA Vgs=20V Pinch off voltage Vp 0.3 1.5 V Id=10nA,Vds=20V Common source input Cap. Ciss 8 pF Vds=20V Common source reverse transfer capacitance Crss 3 pF Vds=20V Equivalent input noise Volt en 50 nV/sqrt(Hz) Vds=10V Vgs=0;F=10Hz Equiv. input noise current in 0.1 pA/sqrt(Hz) Vds=10V; Vgs=0;F=10Hz A little bit too much noise, but still fairly low leakage even by modern standards. --scott


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