Cultural War on _The_700_Club_ Pat had a great little fundraiser the other day as I was ch

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Cultural War on _The_700_Club_ Organization: Mentor Graphics Corporation From: (Kendall Auel) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: sci.skeptic,talk.religion.misc,alt.atheism Pat had a great little fundraiser the other day as I was channel surfing. He talked about a couple who was very down and out but they sent 10 or 20 bucks anyway. Soon, the husband had a new job and the wife started a new business and the business did so well the husband quit his job and they made so much money that they sent in 1000 bucks. Apparently, Jesus says that whatever you give, you will get back tenfold!! dee-deep-dee-dee deep-dee-dee-deep-bee-beep-dee (me dialing the 800 number) 700: Hi, how much would you like to give? me: I understand that I will get back tenfold whatever I give. Is that correct? 700: The Bible says that if you truly believe on Jesus and that you are giving from your heart that you will be repaid tenfold. me: How long do you think it will take? I owe this guy about a thousand bucks, but I've only got a couple hundred right now. 700: Well, it doesn't exactly work that way. You can't just give expecting to be paid back. It has to be from your heart. me: Yes, yes. But say I give from my heart. How long until I see the proceeds from my investment? You get the picture. This actually went on for 10 minutes before I finally decided to be merciful and politely decline their request for money. What can I say, sometimes I get a little bored with "Home Improvement". -- Kendall Auel -- Mentor Graphics Corporation


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