Re: New Religion Survey stats the results are out on the survey commissioned by the Gradua

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Re: New Religion Survey stats ---------------------------------------- the results are out on the survey commissioned by the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York and conducted by the ICR Survey Research Group of Media, PA. this is the first major secular survey of religion in 55 years; religiously driven Gallup polls disregarded. here's the breakdown: Categorized by respondent Percentage of Total Non-specific Refused to answer 2.2 [could be closet atheists?] Christian 4.7 None or no religion 7.7 Protestant 10.3 Specific Mormons 1.4 Jews 1.8 Presbyterians 2.8 Lutherans 5.2 Methodists 8.0 Baptists 19.4 Roman Catholics 26.2 Lumped together Episcopalians [George Bush, et al], Eastern Religions, 7th Day, Assembly of God [Swaggart, Bakker, et al], Evangelical/born agains, Christian Scientists, Fundamentalists, New Age, Unitarians, Scientologists, Wicca, humanists, agnostics 10.3 ---- 100.0 Total hmmmm. 13+ million atheists should be enough to wield some political clout even against 46+ million Catholics and nearly 34 million Baptists especially considering the infighting going on in the Baptist camp where their 34 million are being wagged by the paltry 660,000 AoG types and 446,000 evangelicals fighting for control? and if the fence sitting agnostics [1+ million], Unitarians [463,000], and humanists [29,000] were to admit what they've been hedging on for years, we'd have another percentage point to take to Washington. [grin] look how much influence the Jews and Mormons exert with their tiny numbers. what are we waiting for? to quote that famous Colorado philopsopher Jeff Schlectner [rhymes with Lecter?] nee Steck, "Silence is acquiescence!" [snicker] fling open your closet door and write a letter to somebody [George Bush or Jesse Helms?] and tell them to get their religions out of YOUR government! tell them to read the Constitution again and to get a tutor if necessary. write a letter to the Pope and ask him to mind his OWN business and keep his religious lobbiests out of Washington. he must have starving people in Italy to take care of with all that money?


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