To: Alan Jennings Msg #125, 21-May-93 12:17pm Subject: A Christian? >> Heaven or

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From: Ralph Stokes To: Alan Jennings Msg #125, 21-May-93 12:17pm Subject: A Christian? >> Heaven or hell? Which for you? > Tell me more about each. Hell is in the heart of the earth. It's a place created by God for the devil and his angels, but into which men also go if they reject Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Hell is a place of utter darkness, weeping and wailing, and eternal torments. There's not a drop of water there, and no light. Heaven, on the other hand, is a place of great joy and bliss. It has above all the throne of the Lord Jesus Christ where he sits in all his glory. New Jerusalem is currently there, and it does have streets of pure gold, but all that is minor compared to the glories of Jesus Christ himself. If you don't believe on Jesus Christ when you do see him, you'll see him as the Judge of all the earth. He will have you brought up out hell, you'll be shown why you were in hell (witnesses such as this message will be used) then cast into the lake of fire. You can avoid hell, and all that it is, by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ who died for your sins, was buried, and rose again the third day. The choice is yours. Heaven or hell? Which for you? --- * Origin: Let FREEDOM ring!!!! (1:363/1611) SEEN-BY: 13/13 133/2 151/1003 152/20 363/34 144 320 1611 374/1 12 SEEN-BY: 374/14 98 3633/132 3638/13 3641/1 *** There is a reply. See #201. From: Christopher Baker To: Ralph Stokes Msg #201, 23-May-93 05:14pm Subject: Re: A Christian? > Heaven or hell? Which for you? buy a good book on geology and astronomy. then get over that delusion of yours. [grin] these dumb ideas of 'heaven' and 'hell' were marginally understandable when no one knew anything about the core of the earth or could see beyond the clouds but they should have died the death of all ignorance when confronted with the reality. TTFN. Chris --- DB 1.53/001027 * Origin: Rights On! - Religion Free Always! - Titusville_FL_USA (1:374/14) SEEN-BY: 152/20 374/12 14 98 3638/13 *** This is a reply to #125.


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