Msg #675, 13-Aug-93 09:52pm Subject: UPC Debunking Here's another beaut. It's a bit longe

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From: Questor Thews Msg #675, 13-Aug-93 09:52pm Subject: UPC Debunking Here's another beaut. It's a bit longer, but it represents the most outrageous part of the UPC. There is a tenet of the UPC, Int. called "standards of Holiness", which start out reasonably(for a religion) and then get outrageous--and all of these are expected to be followed. This is taken from a tract in the UPC itself. To keep it short, I'm simply going to list the standards. If you all want the entire tract, tell me, but this is probably good enough. Pay especial attention to numbers 7,11,12,16,20,21,26-28, 31, 32, 34-39, 41-51. These are the REALLY outrageous ones. The others are simply codes to keep the members in line and out of jail. Others in the "attention" list are just to show the disinformation that is presented. "Order from: Know the Truth Literature P.O. Box 1294, Minden, LA 71058-1294" BIBLICAL REASON: 1. to Read and Study the Bible... 2. to Pray 3. to Fast 4. to Faithfully Attend Church 5. to Worship God [don't worry, they get much better. read on] 6. to be an Effective Witness 7. to Show Yourself Friendly to Sinners, but not to Fellowship with Them 8. to Love God with All your Heart 9. to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself 10. to Forgive one another 11. to Obey the Ministerial Leadership of the Church 12. to Support God's Financial Plan of Tithes and Offerings for the Ministry of the Church 13. to Obey the Laws of the Land 14. for Employees to Obey Their Employers 15. for Husbands to Love their Wives as Christ Loved the Church 16. for Wives to Obey their Husbands 17. for Parents to Train Up Their Children in the Right Way with Love and Proper Discipline 18. for Children to Respect, Honor, and Obey Their Parents 19. not to Gossip 20. to refrain from Obscenity, Filthy Jokes, and Suggestive Statements 21. not to Take the Lord's Name in Vain 22. to Control Your Temper 23. to be Temperate in All Things 24. to be Diligent in Business and Church Matters 25. to Pay All Your Honest Debts 26. not to Lie, Cheat, Gamble, or Steal 27. not to Over Eat or to be a Glutton 28. to Abstain from Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, etc. 29. not to Participate in Riots, Violence, or Street Gangs 30. not to Commit Murder 31. not to be a Member of a Secret Club, Secret Organization, etc. 32. not to Participate in the Occult or any Form of Witchcraft; such as Fortune Telling, Seances, Ouija Boards, Horoscopes, Magic, Hypnotism, Transcendental Meditation, Spiritualism, E.S.P, etc. 33. not to Worship Idols 34. not to Read Sinful Novels, Magazines, etc. 35. not to Look at Pornography 36. not to Have a Television 37. not to Listen to Rock Music, Country and Western Music, or Any Style which Suggests Sex, Rebellion, Drugs, or the Occult 38. for Singles to Conduct Themselves as a Christian(Christ-like) when Dating 39. not to Engage in Sexual Relationship[sic] without the Sanctity of Marriage 40. not to Commit an Abortion 41. to Date and Marry a Christian of Like Faith and Experience (editor's note--read as "of the UPC") 42. not to Engage in Incest, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Beastiality, etc. 43. not to Participate in Worldly Amusements such as Ball Games, Rodeos, Circuses, Racetracks, Bowling Alleys, Skating Rinks, Theaters, Game Rooms, etc. 44. not to Go Dancing, Mixed Bathing, etc. 45. for Men to Cut Their Hair Short 46. for Women not to Cut their Hair but to Let it Grow Long 47. not to Dye Your Hair 48. not to Wear Clothing that Pertaineth to the Opposite Sex 49. to Wear Decent, Modest Clothes with Modest Styles; Moderate Prices and Colors; Decent Dress Lengths, Sleeve Lengths, and Neck Lines 50. not to Wear Jewelry 51. not to Wear Makeup. ___ X SLMR 2.1a X All's well that ends.


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