Has anybody else out there read 'Spelling God with the Wrong Blocks' by James Morrow? I r

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Has anybody else out there read "Spelling God with the Wrong Blocks" by James Morrow? I recommend it to all. It's a short SF story which turns the tables on the Creationists in a hysterically funny way. You'll enjoy it. I found it in Nebula 27. The premise is that some Harvard sociobiologists wanted to see how machine intelligence would evolve if left alone without human intervention. So they build some (thousands, presumably) robots, and put them on a nearby planet. Some time later, a couple of science educators go to this planet to discover that these robots worship Darwin, quoting "Origin of Species" and "Descent of Man" as if they were gospel, and refuse to believe that they were produced by special creation. The idea makes great reading. It'll take you only 15 minutes, and it shows you how stupid today's scientists would look if we argued for evolution the way the Creationists argue for special creation. Enjoy.


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