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From: Mark Schnitzius To: All Msg #14, Mar-28-93 02:03PM Subject: Don't spank me, Lord Organization: University of Central Florida From: (Mark Schnitzius) Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.atheism I was handed this flyer in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart. I guess it's geared towards children, but it struck me as funny. Here are some excerpts: "THE REASON _WHY_ WE NEED TO COME TO JESUS, is that we have all done wrong & been naughty, so we deserve a _spanking_, a punishment, which makes our Heavenly Father, God, very sad. But God's Son, _Jesus_, our _Big Brother_, _loved_ us & the Father so much, that He knew that the spanking would _hurt_ us both, so _He_ offered to take it _for_ us! ...YOU CAN RECEIVE JESUS' LOVE & FORGIVENESS RIGHT _NOW_ BY PRAYING THIS LITTLE PRAYER: 'Dear Jesus, please forgive me for being bad & deserving a big spanking! Thank You so much for taking my punishment for me..." Hmmm... What new revision of the Bible was it where Pilate only gave Jesus a bad spanking? Mark Schnitzius University of Central Florida


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