I found the following article in the summer 1991 edition of Free Inquiry magazine. It is

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I found the following article in the summer 1991 edition of Free Inquiry magazine. It is written by Skipp Porteous. Several months ago, I appeared as a guest on "Sound Off," hosted by Paul Gonzales on WSB in Atlanta, Georgia. The program was scheduled in response to statements I've made about Christian Reconstructionism. Gary DeMar, a member of the Coalition On Revival's (COR) Steering Committee, and a leading Christian Reconstructionist author and lecturer, was also invited to speak. Throughout the program, Gonzales emphasized that I've maintained that COR membership alone does not mean that one advocates all of the tenets of Christian Reconstructionism. What follows is a brief excerpt from that interview. DEMAR: The definition of Christian Reconstruction is simply this: The Bible applies to every facet of life. That means not just the judicial aspects of life, such as civil government, church government, but business, economics--every facet of society. The Bible has something to say about each area. For example on homosexuals: We do not believe that homosexuals ought to be executed. The Bible doesn't say that homosexuals ought to be executed. What it says is this: If two men lie together like man and woman, they are to be put to death. PORTEOUS: What the hell do you think that is? DEMAR: Well, wait a minute. If a guy comes up to me and he says, "I'm a homosexual," that doesn't mean he's to be executed. If you understand the scriptures, it says very clearly, if a man comes up to you and says, "I've murdered somebody," that doesn't mean that person ought to be executed. GONZALES: Oh, so what you are saying Gary, is, if you catch homosexuals in the act, then the Bible says to execute them. DEMAR: The Bible lays forth the severest penalty, which would be capital punishment for two men who publicly engage in sodomy. GONZALES: Does it say "publicly" in the Bible? DEMAR: You've got to have at least two witnesses who would come forth and testify against the two people who had engaged in sodomy. The severest punishment would be capital punishment. It doesn't mean that has to be the punishment. PORTEOUS: Now, there was a case a couple of years ago, and I believe it was Georgia.... DEMAR: It was Georgia. PORTEOUS: Two men were seen by the police, because the police came in the house for a different reason, and saw them having sex, engaging in homosexual activity in bed. DEMAR: Sodomy. PORTEOUS: They were arrested. So you're saying that these two men, according to the Bible, could receive the death penalty? DEMAR: Well... PORTEOUS: Is that what you're saying? DEMAR: First of all, remember, the Supreme Court upheld Georgia's law. Second, yes I agree that the Bible lays the death penalty for two men who are engaged in sodomy in public. PORTEOUS: Does the Bible allow the same punishment for an abortionist? DEMAR: If abortion were illegal, the question comes down to, what punishment would there be for someone who performed an illegal abortion? Now, if the pro-life community is correct, which I believe it is, that a pre-born individual is in fact a human being, then the same rights are accorded to the pre- born child as a born child. Then the same punishment would occur for the doctor performing the abortion. So, the pre-born child is in fact a human being therefore the same punishment prevails. That is, if capital punishment could be brought on someone who killed a one-day-old chile, then the same punishment would occur with someone who killed a child in the womb. GONZALES: So Gary, you would agree that a doctor performing an abortion should receive capital punishment? DEMAR: Obviously, if abortion were illegal, and he performed an illegal abortion and killed a pre-born baby the same punishment would apply. GONZALES: How about adulterers? DEMAR: Now the law in scriptures concerning adultery means the innocent party has as [recourse] the toughest penalty that could be brought on the guilty party--the death penalty. So, for example, a woman had a husband who was a constant womanizer, she could bring charges against her husband for adultery, and the severest penalty could be, according to scriptures, the death penalty. I want to go back and underscore something: Most of the laws in the Bible were designed not so much to be implemented, but to keep people from practicing particular behavior. When there were laws on the books that could punish homosexuality, it didn't do away with homosexuality per se, but kept it hidden. Kept it in the closet. Gonzales: If, indeed the Reconstructionist movement ever made it in America, would you advocate these biblical principles being carried out: the execution of the adulterer, the abortionist, and the homosexual? DEMAR: I'm saying that they could be implemented, yes.


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