SN> 'I now believe that the main focus of educators must be SN> to 'overeducate' the plane

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SN> "I now believe that the main focus of educators must be SN> to 'overeducate' the planetary populace in the sciences SN> and mathemathics, and this may eventually be the needed SN> 'antidote' to religious superstition. And a possible end SN> to all perceived reliance on 'supernatural' explanations, SN> which are undoubtedly, false. Hope and wonderment must SN> replace fear. There is certainly enough 'mystery' in the SN> natural world to keep us all busy decifering that for SN> hundreds of generations hence. We all aid each other in SN> these endeavors by interacting here, and in the communities SN> we live, by exhibiting our good thoughts and actions. All SN> we need to do is get the word out that the religiously SN> inclined in no way have a monopoly on 'goodness' and SN> 'worthiness.'" On behalf of the poet, the philosopher, and my ladyfriend :-) I'd like to add a comment. Yesterday (Saturday) my friend Cathy and I very briefly discussed this kind of issue--- it is her belief that when humans become so entrenched in the mental, scientific, industrial, Humanity Machine that we have built (and continue to build), we lose a great deal of ourselves in the process; the reason we still have superstition even after thousands of years of negative results, is because it gives us -REQUIRED- Mystery. We evolved along side the need for imagination and superstition because it is a survival trait; even though this trait DOES KILL out of ignorance, the numbers of humans that it helps to survive out-numbers the ones it kills. Wishful thinking is good for us. The problem is taking superstition to the extreme, such as our making up Gods. It is of course true that God is a construct of human imagination; we are primates and it seems we require some Alpha Male In The Sky to own everything and us as well; we evolved this way. It is pretty scary to the ignorant primate to discover that she is ultimately alone and utterly responsible for her own life choices; it is even more scarier for humans because we have abandoned the sense of community that all primates require to survive (thus I strongly believe we are doomed). So, what replaces this feeling of community? Groups that hold to the same superstitions; the same Gods, the same nation, the same town, the same skin color. ALL of these are IMAGINARY, but they provide us primates with what we need; sense of community -AND- a feeling that some Alpha Male In The Sky is running things. How many armies had God on their side? Hint: -ALL- of them. Was there ever an army that said "We have Satan on our side therefore we are morally entitled to kill you?" Was there ever an army that said "We don't kill you for God or for Country, but because we want to rape your women, kill your men, and enslave your youths?" --- David Rice SN> Susan


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