Re: 'Fundamentalist Charged w/Slavery The following article is taken from 'Walkaway' Sprin

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Re: "Fundamentalist Charged w/Slavery The following article is taken from "Walkaway" Spring, 1991 "Fundamentalist Charged with Child Slavery" Eldridge Broussard, Jr., the 38-year-old founder of Ecclesia Athletic Association, a fundamentalist commune located near Portland, Oregon, has been charged along with seven of his followers, with enslaving children and denying them their civil rights. Broussard preached strict biblical discipline as a way of steering children away from crime and drugs. A Federal grand jury handed down an indictment which said, in part, "The children were repeatedly threatened with physical punishment and frequently were forced to watch other children beaten and whipped." At least 29 minors were subjected to involuntary servitude. In 1988, the group leader's daughter, Dayna Broussard, was beaten to death by other members of the group. Six people were arrested for the beating and two are already serving prison terms." (Personal note: My big question is Who the HELL let this group have access to children again after murdering one?) -- Rowan


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